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Friendly Friday: Alternative Version

Imagine an alternative reality where the world’s resources are multiplying, warm-hearted people are in power, and questions get answered.

Or, to be more realistic, an alternative reality where your favorite color was orange instead of pastel pink and your hair style just slightly different. You’d have named your blog that other option you thought of and had struck up a conversation with the lady at the bus stop that you ignored earlier today.

It’s not necessarily a better version of things, just a different one, composed of the choices we didn’t make. And there are so many new choices we make every moment, starting right now.

Let’s have fun with this train of thought and explore it for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, themed Alternative Version.

I leave you with an alternative version of the Friendly Friday logo, designed at the same time as the familiar green one you’d normally see here, and a collage of photos from which I was unable to choose the best version, so I chose them all.

I hope you join in – can’t wait to see your entry!

How to participate in the challenge:

  • Create a post responding to the theme
  • Link that post to this one with a pingback
  • Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your take on the theme
  • Check out some of the other entries!
  • There is no deadline


  • You’re welcome to use our logo if you want
  • Tag the post Friendly Friday in WordPress so it can easily be found

Next week, have a look at Amanda’s blog for the next theme.

Happy Friday!

53 replies on “Friendly Friday: Alternative Version”

Wow that’s a theme which kicks ass!!! I might not have enough time today to play along but it is certainly inspiring! Well done!

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I love this theme so much. I love thinking about it, about everything I could write about or show, and then changing my mind at the last minute. Such fun! 😀 I wrote a mini story once in which I described ten or so parallel lives that I could be living in this moment. I could post that but it was a bit… hmmm… raunchy. 😀 😀 I know New Zealand was mentioned, Stockholm, and Cornwall too. But Tuscany won. See if I complain. 😀

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Well, this is a good theme. I remember an old sci-fi story called ‘What If’ (or something like that) where a person had a machine that could tell you what would have happened if some, often small event in your life had gone differently. Needless to say,the alternative version didn’t always turn out well. I’ve always found this a fascinating topic because we make choices constantly and who knows what would have happened if any one of those choices had been different.
For my offering, I’ve gone with the same topic as last week, not an alternative:
I like all the photos, which is the other thing on this topic. None are wrong or right. Often it’s just what you like best in the moment.

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