Random Rambling (Unedited)

Another change of season and time waits for no one.

A cute baby girl I once knew has now turned into a “horrible” teenager, according to her mother, and I have difficulty picturing the sweet girl acting up.

Change happens so subtly.

Today, I’m off work for one day, just to catch my breath and pamper myself doing some of my favorite things. It’s cold outside and, having woken up at 6 am as usual by the other members of our household, I’m too early. Nothing is open yet, so I’m stalling before leaving the warmth of my apartment.

Random thoughts are running through my mind… the editor in my head is on holiday today.

I read somewhere locally of a 30-something-hipster who was explaining the brand new idea of a staycation, a holiday in your home town. And I thought, first world issues: what’s new with staying at home on your holiday? Not everyone can afford to travel all the time. And a decade ago, not everyone even wanted to travel.

Travel has become the norm and not traveling a conscious choice.

I read about Instagram and possibly Facebook removing likes, which I like, considering how all this social media self-promoting must be affecting teenagers’ self image. It seems like a stressful way to grow up. But I hope commenting won’t be removed from WordPress.

At work, I got invited to an upcoming lecture on AI, and I usually never get invited to work events. I’m more than curious to know what it’s about, so I plan on going.

Talking about work, I’m starting to notice signs of ageism. It seems that, at 41, I am past my best before date on the job market. Never mind that I constantly update my skills and know more about digital content creation than my colleagues. I just have the wrong look, equalling zero credibility. My post-twins shape isn’t the right shape.

Which brings me to toddler fashion. I love dressing my boys in a cute way and, quite frankly, they are so cute that they would look adorable even if they were wearing plastic bags. I try to look for good deals that make economical sense and I buy large sizes that will fit as long as possible.

But I have noticed that 99% of the other other toddlers here (okay, I’m exaggerating, maybe 98%) are wearing local designer brands. Shirts that cost 49 eur, beanies that cost 39 eur, and pants that cost 77 eur. These trendy 2-3-year olds are sporting ensembles that cost way more than mine. You can tell they are one of these brands immediately by the prints. Some might’ve gotten them as gifts, hand-me-downs or from 2nd hand shops. But someone must be buying them new.

Does your town have a strong wave of toddler fashion, too?

If I won the lottery, I would:

  • Buy a camera to replace the one I broke last year
  • Write a book (and quit my day job, obviously)
  • Keep blogging and maybe try self-hosting or learn to code
  • Get fit, which means dealing with my split abs problem first
  • See about moving somewhere warm with the boys, or at least get a second home for “staycations”
  • Learn to cook
  • Not have to stress about being able to provide for the boys, no matter how much beanies cost
  • Volunteer for environmental work

Would you keep working at your current day job if you won the lottery? If asked, Finns seem to typically answer yes, and it seems mind-boggling to me. I would rather decide for myself what to do than be told.

Luckily, today I get to do just that – I’m off to explore my home town, see you later!

48 responses to “Random Rambling (Unedited)

  1. I didn’t know you wanted to write a book. What would be the topic?
    I love that you want to do environmental work. We are in synchrony there.
    Yup always have a place to stay with me, here Snow!! So that one is sorted!
    Toddler fashion! I bet you they wear that designer outfit over and over whenever they go out! But perhaps not.

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  2. I’ve often read of people who win lotto jackpots, and keep working as per usual. My husband always says, “someone should take it all off ‘em, they don’t deserve it”. I’m not sure what I’d do if I won a mega jack- pot, but I think I’d have fun finding out! We have an $80 mil jackpot tonight.

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    • I have to say, I secretly agree with your husband! If you are not going to spend the money on anything or change your life, why buy a ticket at all? Although it is admirable how at peace they seem to be with their status quo – isn’t that what we all aim for, happiness with your life as it is? But, like you, I would enjoy finding out what I could do with the money.
      Wow, 80M, good luck! 😊

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  3. hope you have a great day! some parents splurge unnecessarily on their kids’ clothes here too. but isn’t staycation like staying at a hotel in your hometown? not staying at home. at least that’s what I gathered form all these staycation posts popping up in my feed.

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  4. I surely hope WordPress doesn’t skip the Commenting option! It would take away 98%, no actually 99% of the fun of blogging. I really wish you will find time to write your book. It is a LOT of work and not always easy, as I’m experiencing writing my own novel now, but it’s wonderful to watch it grow into maturedom, and maybe one day it will be dressed up in a neat cover of a certain posh brand. 🙂

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    • “It would take away 98%, no actually 99% of the fun of blogging” 🤣Your comment had me laughing! 😀 What are you writing about, Peter? I love how WordPress has allowed all of us like-minded people to meet! Good luck – I’m already hoping it’ll get translated too, assuming it’s in Dutch? 🙂

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      • The novel is about a colony of foreign (would be) artists in a village on Mallorca. They try to stop their paradise from getting lost. But, like all paradises, with no result. This anecdotal story gives me the opportunity to write about this colony, the original folks of the village and the life on an olive farm ( 🙂 ) The real story however is about time. If it gets published and translated I’ll send you a copy, 🙂

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  5. I’m soooo not sure about the SCORPIO DUNGAREES which cost €77!!!
    When Monsoon was a toddler, I liked her to be stylish. But it was all thanks to Ebay and charity shops that I manage to do that. She has now her own teenager unique style and luckily she kept the same dealers as me!

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    • 😀 Hahah! I know – those Scorpio dungarees 🤣🤣🤣I like my boys to have nice clothes too, but I do put a limit on the cost. Shirts up to 10 eur, preferrably less, no way will I pay 49! And no 77 euro dungarees for us, especially with that lobster-scorpio print!

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  6. I like your unedited rambling. I like likes in general, it’s a sign that somebody alive saw what I photographed or shared, or agree with what I think. I don’t watch brands and/or children, but I’m sure little Italians are as stylish as they come. 😀 And I like the word “staycation”. It’s what I do on the daily basis. 😉 But most of all I’m happy you’re having these you days. ❤

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  7. Have a wonderful day off, and let that brain travel around with no filter or editor all day! I enjoyed your musings. On ageism, I will point out that of the thousands of photos taken at my mountain event two weeks ago, ONE is of (old lady) me! The cute young thangs are in many! In the town I lived in with toddlers, there was a whole range of high-end accoutrements – strollers, clothing, car seats, etc – and it was definitely noticed if you did not have the “right” stuff – glad I’m done with that. I’ve almost stopped working (down to 2 days/week), but if I won the lottery, I’d say goodbye to those two days for sure!

    Now when you get home from your day off, you’re going to have so many comments to answer! 😐

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  8. Around here, the Goodwill store is full of cheap expensive children’s clothing that has been donated. My theory is that grandparents buy this for the little ones and then it gets thrown into a bag and donated to Goodwill.

    Kids grow too fast to wear expensive clothes. But, I see how much people spend on their little purse dogs too. So, maybe I am not culturally with-it.

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    • Like accessories, kids and dogs need to look “right”, I guess. And yes, many if the expensive brands might be given as gifts 😊 Perhaps the toddler would have preferred to wear something less blingy and get the difference on his/her bank account instead?! 😋

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  9. If you want feedback on toddler fashion, you are asking the wrong, possibly wrongest, person. I guess it’s all about the parents because the toddlers are going to remember nothing about it in a few years. We get a lot of people taking their toddlers on helicopter tours and the vast majority fall asleep making it a very expensive nap. Even the ones that stay awake aren’t likely to remember what they saw.
    As for the lottery winnings, I’m with you. I would be so out of there. I think the problem some/many lottery winners have is that they really have no idea what to do. I think people buy tickets as an escape, five dollars’ worth of fantasizing about a different life. No one expects to win. When they do they’re suddenly faced with a new and unexpected reality. Some go off the rails. Others stick with what they know.
    One thing I wouldn’t do is learn to cook, because I enjoy cooking and baking already – one of the things I am grateful for learning as a kid from my mother!

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    • Helicopter tours sound a bit dangerous, I’d be too chicken to let my little babes go on one just yet, when they won’t even remember it, like you said. Lucky you for your cooking skills! I’ve always loved to eat out. Come to think of it, if I won the lottery perhaps I’d just hire a chef and continue eating out 😁

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      • It’s way more dangerous to drive a car than take a helicopter tour, but if the kids aren’t going to remember it, why bother? I like to cook so even if I won the lottery I’d keep doing that, but if you don’t, a personal chef isn’t a bad way to go!

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  10. Hi Snow 🙂 Loved reading an unedited post like this one.
    I know nothing about toddler fashion, but my SIL recently had a baby and he is the new star of the family! 😀 So I think I’ll learn a thing or two about baby fashion 😀 All that expensive clothing for kids! I can’t imagine. Wearing branded stuff is not very common here, but maybe it’s because people don’t have that much money to spend on branded wear.
    I recently had a staycation, I showed around an old friend, a Kenyan classmate from my Kokkola student days. It was really nice, but I dont like it that this city is too familiar to me now, when it used to be the opposite (and exciting) some 5 years ago.
    Nice ideas on the lottery win! I think I wouldn’t learn anything because I think I could learn things that I want to (better coding, my life depends on it 😊 ) even if I didn’t win the lottery 😀 I think I’d just move to a sunnier country, maybe in southern Europe or even somewhere tropical, and just start a small hospitality business, but I am sure my husband would continue working (but he works remotely so it’s not a problem haha).
    I’d definitely read your novel! 😊

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    • Thanks Pooja! Toddlers do tend to become stars of the family quite quickly, don’t they? 💕 After having kids, learning new things isn’t as easy: no time, energy, or brain power left anymore after I get home from work! If work was removed from the scenario, I’d get more things done! 😂 Have a happy and sunny weekend!

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  11. This is so much fun! Wonderfully written, Snow. I hear you when you say toddler fashion!I had no idea that kids’ clothes could be so expensive till before I had my son. And then these name brands…where do I even begin! I love your ideas for if you won a lottery, especially the ‘staycation’ and volunteer for environmental work:) It made me wonder what would I do if I won and I am still wondering…who knew wishful thinking could be such hard work! Sending happy thoughts your way for a restful weekend!

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  12. well powerball here this Thursday is $100 million. so its timely to ask the question. I do disability work. and I would keep doing it but I wouldnt work nearly as much as now. I’d do 15 hrs a week maybe. i would travel an awful lot more for sure!

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