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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Tourism

It’s Friday again!

This morning started with me waking up 30 minutes late, rushing the boys to daycare in pouring rain and thunder, then changing their clothes there since the boys had refused to cover up against the rain. I had to skip my morning coffee and didn’t bother with makeup.

Then I headed to the tram stop, missed my tram, and the mobile app for purchasing tickets didn’t work. At the office, a pile of work was waiting for me. But first, I had to change my own clothes, too, which were soaked. Luckily I was prepared: while packing spare clothes for the boys in the morning, as an afterthought, I chucked in a change of clothes for myself as well.

But now it’s early afternoon and the rain has stopped. I’ve finished the most urgent of my tasks, and the sun is shining. I even have some strawberries waiting for me and I’m able to take a little break.

Looks like the weekend is back on track!

So… talking about tracks, let’s get down to business. Friendly Friday is here! Continuing on the same track that co-host Amanda took last week with her Remote theme, this week I’d like to ask you:

What are your thoughts on tourism and overtourism?

The theme for Friendly Friday this week is Tourism.

Would there be so many boats if it wasn’t for the tourists? Cinque Terre, Italy, July 2016

I invite you all to join the fun! Here’s how:

  • Link your response to the comments section of this post
  • Include a pingback in your post
  • Add our logo, if you want to
  • Have a look at other participants’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the same theme. After all, interaction is what it’s all about!
  • There’s no deadline for participating, it doesn’t have to be on Friday! But the earlier you link up, the more views you’ll get

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is a weekly blogging event, hosted by myself and Amanda over at Something to Ponder About. Next week, it’ll be Amanda’s turn again.

Talk to you soon!

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69 replies on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Tourism”

Over-tourism is a topic that vexes me. I decry it, but then I want to see some of the same iconic spots as everyone else. I feel like I do my best to at least be a GOOD tourist, but at some point, we are all going to need to re-examine what we are doing to certain parts of our poor abused planet … I think I’m quite late getting to this post, so here’s to a good weekend coming up, albeit a week later!

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Thanks Lexi! Better late than never! 😊 I sometimes get a “shopping hangover”, a big pang of remorse after spending hedonistically without thinking about tomorrow. The same goes for traveling. Sometimes I think, what’s the point? But yes, there are good sides to it too. Happy weekend!

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Wow, what an article!!! First of all, 6 million for that ugly BW shot, wtf?!?!?! Secondly, ”everyone use vivid warm” – that’s clever manipulation since everyone has to use a tour company and then everyone gets this advice (I see Kendall Jenner didn’t use it, must’ve had a photographer in her staff who had – real camera and then she posted them as hers…) And ”Tourists are already a kind of universal pest” – which is why I feel turned off by tourism at the moment.

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