Enchanted Forest

Before I forget, let’s dive into the forest that brings the tropics to the north…

Where am I? It feels like somewhere else.

Somewhere with warm coral colors and bright surprises around the corner.

Two little squirrels appear. They munch away quickly, as if someone might steal their treat at any moment.

The beauty is timeless in this wonderful little part of a forest… in the middle of nowhere.

I wake up. Spring is over, and so is summer. The leaves have lost their vibrancy and are turning yellow. This morning, I saw the first one that was already half yellow, half gone. Autumn is here.

This Friday, join me for the Friendly Friday photo challenge, which I will continue co-hosting with Amanda after my little summer break. Right now, the challenge is running at Amanda’s blog with the current theme sunrise.

Enjoy your week!

51 responses to “Enchanted Forest

  1. The Rhododendron park of Haaga is such a beautiful place!

    Birch trees are the first ones to throw the towel to the ground. They just don’t tolerate these too warm and dry summers. My garden is so dry the soil dusts, everything would be dead without irrigation.

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    • Manja was a gem!!! 🤗 I’m feeling much better and quite happy to be back to blogging. My tan is fading but it’s too cold for me to suntan anymore so it would fade anyway. I was lucky to have my holiday before it started getting chilly. (The wind makes a big difference: if it stops, it can feel nice and warm.)


  2. What a beautiful park. The flowers are gorgeous. Reminded me of where I used to live in Washington State. Rhodies grew wild in the forests there and were very popular in most people’s gardens. The town I lived in even had an annual Rhododendron Festival, which usually took place during the peak blooming period.

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  3. What a colorful post, Snow!! Are those photos from a botanic garden in Helsinki? That would be the place I’d go when the weather is cold and grey…
    So, the rukka has arrived to Finland? When I visited Lapland in March I read it’s one of the best seasons: colorful forests, wildlife that isn’t still hibernating, auroras and without mosquitos and other blood suckling insects… sounds like a dream!!! I’d love to visit Finland during autumn… but I guess that for someone living there, finding early signs of autumn in August can be a bit depressing.

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    • Yes, a bit disheartening to know that elsewhere summer continues and here it’s starting to fade out. But these are just early signs, no real fall colors yet. I’d love to visit Lapland during ”ruska” too 😊


  4. Thank you for sharing it…
    That green single leaf pic- we used to play with that leaf during my childhood..Hope the leaf back side havesomething like a white powdered substance.. 🙂

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