Friendly Friday Guest-Hosted by Manja

A full-time job, summer and holiday season, doctor’s appointments and chores, plus two very active toddlers who like to spend all day outside and need five meals a day.

Time for Manja to step in!

I’m taking a tiny break from hosting the Friendly Friday photo challenge but I’ll still be around – now I might even have time to follow some of the blogs I used to follow. Manja at Manja Mexi Moving will be hosting a couple of challenges on my behalf, and of course Amanda will continue hosting when it’s her turn. Friendly Friday will continue as usual.

Thank you Manja for helping out – if you don’t follow her blog yet, now’s the time to click that follow button so that you don’t miss any of the challenge prompts! We’ll let you know when I get back to hosting again.

Have a very friendly and fun weekend!

…By the way, the photos here may or may not be a sneak peek to this week’s upcoming challenge… hop over to Manja’s blog on Friday to see the prompt and leave your pingbacks in her excellent care!

27 responses to “Friendly Friday Guest-Hosted by Manja

  1. Ooo what a lovely couple of photos. ❤ And the introduction as well. I'll do my best to post my FF challenge as early as possible. I'll get up with amore at 5 am if need! 😉 Enjoy your day off blog and be sure all will be well. Everybody, welcome!

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  3. I had thought I had been following Manja’s blog, but it seems I’m not, and I can’t find a follow button on her blog. I’m probably not looking at the right place, so I’ll keep looking.

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    • She has created several blogs and my guess is that’s how you got disconnected, maybe not noticing when she did the switch and re-following. I’ll give her the feedback about the follow button so she can check. Are you using your computer or a mobile phone? And WP Reader or have you been to her actual blog? Sometimes follow buttons are hard to find, I’ve noticed that too! 😊 Especially on self-hosted blogs.


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