Friendly Friday: Twins

To celebrate my twins turning two this month, the theme for Friendly Friday this week is Twins.

baby hands

As always, feel free to interpret it creatively! You don’t have to feature people, it could be anything.

Twins could simply mean a pair. Two of a kind – or opposites as different as night and day.

If you happen to know any twins in real life, you’ll know that they can be quite different by nature even if they look alike. And not all twins look alike.

But they share a connection and if the other one is out of sight for a while, they’ll wonder about their sibling.

Created with Adobe Spark

Please join in! Here’s how:

1.Leave your response in the comments section of this post

2.Remember to include a pingback in your post!

It’s that simple!

You’re welcome to add our logo to your post, too, but that’s entirely optional. You can also add the WordPress tag Friendly Friday so that people can find your post more easily in their feed.

Please check out other participants’ posts because that’s the most fun part!

There’s no deadline for participating and the challenge is open for all. Next week Friendly Friday will be hosted by Amanda.


86 responses to “Friendly Friday: Twins

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      • I did a month long tour through Florida with my daughter. We visited family and also took in some new beaches. I completely understand! Life often has very busy seasons! 🙂

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