Friendly Friday: Mood

What’s your mood?

That’s the theme for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

My mood is sunny, since we have finally seen some sun and blue skies. Everything feels good again. I feel warm and alive.

Sunflowers in some sunrays

My mood depends on the weather so much (maybe too much), but please feel free to interpret this theme any way you’d like – it definitely doesn’t have to be about the weather.

The invitation is open: if you’d like to participate in our link party, don’t hesitate to join us!

Where: In the comments of this post

When: Anytime, starting now!

How: Add your link and check out the others. Add a pingback in your post leading to this post. Use the WordPress tag Friendly Friday to make it easier for others to find your post.

Welcome onboard!

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70 responses to “Friendly Friday: Mood

  1. I so hear you! I used to suffer the blues periodically when living the four seasons, but I have been smiling ever since I set sail into endless summer. Still, I miss having a garden and your flower really brightened my day. Love the idea of a Friendly Friday Photo Challenge and look forward to participating when we drop anchor long enough to do so. Ahoy from Brazil

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    • 25 degrees?! Wow, that’s quite a temperature change for each day! Our mornings have started with about 4C this past week and during the day it has gone up to 16C or so – but I swear yesterday felt like summer! The reason is probably that there was no wind, which is very unusual.


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  6. My mood is very much dependent on weather too, it must be no coincidence that we both live in the far north. I guess people living in the warmer countries wouldn’t be as passionate to the sun as we do 😊

    The sun has been generous to us too (in Oslo). Right now we’re spending a few days in Stockholm. The weather is gorgeous with temperature reaching 18/19 degrees 🌞

    Spring has definitely sprung in Scandinavia!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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  8. I’ve been terrible about participating in your photo challenge, but I do have time and the inclination to at least comment! My mood is sooooo affected by the weather, primarily the sun and whether or not it’s shining. Even in winter (in my old home), if the sun was out, I was happy. Here in Texas, I see more sun, spring comes much earlier, and there are so many more months when I feel warm air on my arms, which I love! Right now, our flowers are out, and the sun has been here without much of the usual humidity, so I’m a happy camper! (Add in the fact that our son is here for almost a week, and my mood has soared even more!)

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    • Happy to hear you have flowers and warmth AND your son’s visiting πŸ™‚ And I wouldn’t want you to participate in this challenge out of a feeling of obligation! I completely understand – actually I’m really behind, myself, on checking out other bloggers’ posts and will have to limit it to the posts’ of the bloggers I interact with the most, since I can’t possibly make time for all of them! Your blog is one of the ones I intend to keep visiting and I have had your latest post open in my browser for a while now, waiting for a good moment πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! Happy to hear your mood is good too, looking forward to popping over and checking out your post! Easter is keeping me busy but I’ll get to it soon enough πŸ™‚ Happy Easter and thanks for participating again!


      • Indeed. Rain brings rainbows which are wonderful to photograph. Even clouds can be beautiful. I think it’s when it’s grey and dreary that the weather gets me down, even if it is warm.

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  15. Aaah, I love your photo! Even if it wasn’t a lovely day here, that photo would have brightened my mood anyway πŸ™‚
    Like you, my mood is influenced massively by the weather, as soon as the sun comes out, life feels so much easier. So, because of the mini heatwave we are having at the moment, I just had to stick with the weather theme!
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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  17. Great topic for the photo challenge, Snow! I think we’re all now in the spring mood: blue skies, colorful flowers blooming everywhere and sometimes a bit of rain… and after that, even more color! In Switzerland the mood right now it’s waiting…. waiting until the snow melts and we can finally return to the mountains! It’ll take still a few weeks, so we’re eager!! Hehehe
    I’ve seen that even in the northern parts of Finland snow is also melting… oh, after visiting Lapland I dream with your landscapes in other seasons! I hope you can take some photos of spring in Helsinki to show us!
    Have a great week!! πŸ™‚

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    • Spring in Helsinki is still brown and dusty, no flowers blooming yet. Not a very pretty moment to photograph, not just yet. But the light, oh yes, we finally have some sunlight, yay! 😁 Enjoy your week, Mercedes! 🌷


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