Bloggers’ Secret Santa

We all have one, don’t we?

A favorite post or two, that we thought didn’t get enough attention at the time of publishing.

The one where we were in such a witty mood writing it. The one with the photos we’re most proud of.

I’m inviting you to share your favorite links with me in the comments section of this post!

It’ll be a sort of Secret Santa link-up: after you’ve added yours, pick someone else’s favorite from the comments section and read it.

And maybe someone will randomly pick yours.

(For extra karma points, pick several. Leave nice comments if you like them.)

Are you with me? This is your chance to get that special favorite post out there, one more time. It doesn’t matter how old it is. In fact, the older the better. Old posts tend to become forgotten, so let’s give them another chance – you can also discover new blogs while you’re at it!

Hope you join in!

Here’s mine, the post I’d like to highlight right now:

Biking and Hiking in Patagonia

I had trouble choosing. The prose in this post isn’t my best, and it’s not my favorite post. But it was such a fun experience hiking and biking in Patagonia – almost exactly 4 years ago – that I’d like to share it with you all over again.

Not very many people saw it when it came out, so chances are you haven’t seen it either!

C’mon Santa, what’ve you got in store for us?

86 replies on “Bloggers’ Secret Santa”

Hiking & biking in Patagonia looks and reads like it would have been a one-of-a-kind adventure. Those shards of peaks are inducement enough for me. So much to do…what all do I leave out from my ever-growing list?! And this is how another year rolls in, with longer wish lists and the yearning for more. Hope you are having a great time in this last month of the year. Also, below is a link to one of my favourite posts which is one culled from my travels in Cornwall.


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What a fun idea! Since I have been alarmingly absent on WP lately (nothing wrong – just working on other writing projects), it’ll be fun to get another post out there in this way! I just spent a good hour going back and reading through a bunch of my old stuff and couldn’t decide which link to put here.

I originally considered perkier posts about climbing Huayna Picchu and appreciating Israel, but the dreary, sad entry below is one of my own favorites just because I thought I captured the (gloomy) mood well. Hope I’m not being too much of a downer at this cheerful time of year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever joyful greeting is best for you at the end of 2018!

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Thanks Lexi for playing secret Santa! You write so well – I’m very much looking forward to seeing the post you chose! Will read it later tonight!
Glad to hear you are busy with things you, by the sound of it, enjoy doing!
Merry Christmas, wishing you lots of light!!! ✨

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I’m half-Hungarian. If we don’t bring in some kind of melancholy, we’re not happy (though Hungarians can never be happy). There’s even a saying, Hungarians party (have a good time) with tears streaming down their cheeks. It gets even more intense when you listen to Hungarian Roma music (which I love partly for that reason). And in this post, if you captured how people felt then, that’s what really matters.

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Can’t wait for your comments! And the more I’ve been reading in the comment section, the more I’m discovering new blogs. Could we make it a thing, where those that want to, link back to your original post and carry on with the Secret Santa game on their blogs? As long as we credit you, of course.

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Well, if you put it like that, your wish is my command. 😜 Start thinking, I’ll try and get my phone to play nice so I can post. P.S. We should really meet up one of these days. 😉

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As always, fantastic idea!!! I’ll come tomorrow morning to check to growing list of comments.
As for your Patagonia photos… Raaaaaaah the sky is immense! What. A. Dream.

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Thanks for sharing your post! I’ll very happily have a look at it when I get a moment 🤗 That’s the thing, eh? In the beginning, without subscribers, good posts can get ignored! (Secret Santa to the rescue!!) PS. Did you have a different photography blog before? 😊


Bloggers Secret Santa is a very cool idea! I’m looking forward to delving into some of the offerings in the comments.
I’m leaving the link to a post about an amazing festival we went to in Peru. There is truly nothing like South American festivals and this one in Peru is one of the biggest.

Dance ’til you drop! The Festival of the Virgin of Candelaria.

What a great idea you had TSMS!

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Thanks Alison for participating!! Dance til you drop sounds like my kinda thing – I love dancing, and watching it too! I’ve never been to Peru so I’ll read your post with great interest! I already know the photos are going to be amazing because yours always are 😊

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What a lovely idea 😀 I did click on everyone’s post. It’s nice to see what people consider their favorite work! Gives such an interesting insight into each person.
I think my favorite post is the one I wrote about learning to make pierogi:
I thought it was pretty clever, haha, but it was also such a good time, experiencing it but also writing about it!
Merry soon-to-be-Christmas! (Even though I’m Jewish)

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Thanks for your link, dear Arielle! 🤗 That’s a good point: it does tell about you, what you consider your favorite work. Now that you rephrased it like that, I regret not putting one of my actual favorites as my link! My choice was made on it having the least likes and comments and still being a fun memory I wanted to share. But it’s certainly not my very best writing! 😁 Too long and it lacks photos! You live, you learn. Anyway, Merry Little Christmas, as we say in Finland before the actual thing! (Which over here is Xmas Eve, btw, not Xmas Day!) 😊🎄


Thanks Véro for your link! I remember that post, hope some others find it this way too 😊
I’m working 27-28th and 31st, but 3 days off when Jan kicks in! The boys, on the other hand, will have 2 weeks holidays from daycare! They’ll probably forget all about it in that time!
You, any plans?? 🎄🎄✨✨✨


Nothing extraordinary. Me and Monsoon will spend one week in the Marseille to visit my mom after Christmas.
Who’ll look after the boys?

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You are always full of great ideas, Ms. Santa. It’s obvious that snow always melts somewhere near you. 😉

It’s such a community-building gesture, I appreciate that. I’m on the road and can’t read other people’s posts right now but I will. It’s true – once posted, our blog posts vanish into the internet depths and only a random visitor will stumble on a lucky one.

The post that I wish to highlight here is a collection of my father’s photos from my childhood as posted on my first blog. Later some of these photos reappeared on my next blogs, but I like seeing them all together like this. Talking about one lucky kid.

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What a great idea! And I love that you selected Patagonia. Your images bring back such wonderful memories from our trip there in April. That Fitz Roy is one impressive mountain.
You got me thinking about and looking back at my posts. I didn’t have many readers/followers when I posted about my trip to Egypt a few months after the Arab Spring uprising in January 2011. Egypt struggled terribly with tourism in the years following, but I was happy to read that numbers are up again. I hope the post I selected —a Camping Safari in Egypt’s White Desert— will entice readers to travel to this great country.
Happy holidays and happy travels in 2019!

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Thanks Caroline for joining Santa’s secret team! 😋 Camping in the desert is something I’ve always wanted to do but also been too wuss to actually plan into an itinerary! Scorpions and all, you know! 🤗 Interesting to see your post about it! Patagonia was great, in so many ways…

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Heheh, what an adorable post! ”Geckos are nothing if not optimists” 💕 This type of post I especially enjoy, little photo stories with great shots.
As for Patagonia, it has a lot of fascinating history and you can just feel it so well when there.
Thanks Graham for taking part!

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I love this idea! I think I’m going to implement it on my page as well! I loved your share. It predates my time on WordPress so I had not seen it. I originally thought I’d share my post about my visit to the Anne Frank House, but I loved the idea of going back even farther to when nobody had heard of my blog. This is a post I love from about 2 weeks after I started the blog and is called Silence is Golden.

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