Cloud Spectacle

Permission to daydream

Permission to daydream granted to me via the Around the World photo challenge.

(Pictures: Aruba, 2012)

35 replies on “Cloud Spectacle”

Did you get a chance to visit Eagle Beach? That’s where our motel was so most of my sunset beach pics are from there. I loved it, could absolutely move there forever! 💕 Hope you are enjoying cozy Christmas preparations and your kids are all going to be at home then? Take care! 😊🎄✨

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We were briefly at Eagle Beach. I know that area is calmer than where we were in Palm Beach, but the teenagers love the crowds! We are slowing down and the teens just finished classes today. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. 🙂

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Hmm… the comment I just left disappeared entirely. Maybe it’s been routed to your spam folder?

Here’s what I said, this time without the ?Random Raiders! link, in case that’s what the problem may have been:

All images unbroken. Unfortunately the link at the end is no longer any use: ‘ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.’

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Ah, it must be in spam, I’ll check later. Thanks for the random raid!! And for leaving a lovely trail of comments that put a smile on my face! 🤗
Hmm, what to do with links to blogs that no longer exist? I have another post like that in mind, too, or maybe a couple. I can’t just delete them, I’d have to edit the text, too.

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