More, More, More

I hope you don’t mind working on that presentation at home next weekend…

There’s so much to do during work hours that you won’t have time

The deadline is on Monday but you can work on it when your kids are having dinner, right?

And here’s your company phone

Keep it with you at all times so you can answer if I call

I have a tendency to think about work in the evenings and I might want to discuss something urgent

I’m also giving your number to all our customers

It’s already on the website

Where were you last night, anyway?

I sent you an email at midnight and you didn’t reply

At least you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with work emails during your holiday next month

Fiction, based on real life

25 replies on “More, More, More”

Par for the course many places here, too, although I think work-life balance is shifting a bit these days. I left a job with these kinds of expectations when my kids were little … the hard part is that I like a challenge and a busy job (but not to this extent), so when I shifted careers, I lost (and missed) some of that go-go, hard-charging stuff. Hoping things go smoothly when you go back to work!

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Thanks Lexi! So far, I’ve been able to steer clear of complying, though many collegues do check their work emails at midnight, on weekends and answer customer calls on their holiday. Maybe work balance is shifting in certain fields, the young and talented seem to be very independant, creative and relaxed. My age group and the older ones are stuck in the good old cubicle routine, unable to break out.
I’m sure you made the right decision: the little ones are always more important! 😊

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Remember when computers were going to free up time for people to do other things, and now we’re required to keep up with them at all times. And may I just say that’s the perfect trio of photos to accompany that fictional non-fiction slice of life.

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Hahah, thanks! Glad to hear you appreciated the photos!
I find it funny that with modern sciene, technology etc. we are still stuck in cubicles, punching in and out, required to sit there and waste away 8 hours each day. It doesn’t matter if you are efficient or not, as long as you do the time.
Quite as ridiculous as the fact that governments use funds to finance war instead of focusing on medical advances. Humans aren’t as smart as they think they are.

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Oh mine! I would break under all that pressure. I am so glad I don’t have any of that in my job. How unreasonable and rude to expect staff to overwork and worry about work during their off hours! It’s for the owners to worry, not staff! Sadly I hear these stories regularly from my family and friends back in Nepal.

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Has Reality finally caught up with us?
I always forbade my executives to work on reports after 10PM (!) the fashion in the industry being: “I finished the report last night at 5 in the morning, went home, took a shower, and gave the presentation to the client at 9AM.
My point was: at 10PM I can’t think, neither can you. You have to organize so that the report is ready 3-4 days earlier…
(It worked for 20 years)

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Well, I was the boss… 😉 So they didn’t have much choice. I also put systems in place such that the report would always be ready 2-3 days in advance. And once they saw the results, well…
And yes, some people are hopeless. I can name half a dozen…

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