Bring The Tropics To Me

Fairytale life

Snaps with my phone while hanging out with my two one-year-olds this summer… strolling around Helsinki.

Serenity and imagination

I have to say, we have had some very nice weather this year – and we deserve it after so many rainy summers! Sunshine and warmth are not to be taken for granted in this climate.

“?” Sometimes you don’t need all the answers

Friday 13th was yesterday, and I had a great day – the boys entertained their dad while I went swimming in an outdoors pool – finally! I’ve been dreaming of swimming for probably a couple of years now! It was lovely. Afterwards, I had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Levant on the Bulevardi street, and chilled out in a park.

I also broke the I’m-too-lazy-to-ride-my-bike spell and what fun it was! Yesterday was quite telling, actually: give me a day to myself, and it’ll be packed with exercise. Watching the toddlers 24/7, I really don’t get enough of it. Yes, my days are very active but no, I don’t burn enough calories.

Aaah, flowers!

At the pool, there was a 70-year-old lady who started telling me stories from her life between laps. Her life lessons were: “Every day is a good day, or an even better day” and “Tell yourself something nice with every stroke you take in the water.”

Coffee downtown

Last night, I stayed on our balcony until midnight, watching a series online (Finnish TV channels show most programs online, too. I never use our TV to watch.)

It was amazingly warm and pleasant! I read somewhere that next week we should be having a couple of “tropical” nights, meaning the temperature won’t go under 20°C during night time. Let’s see about that… we’ve had some chilly, windy days too, so I’m not buying it quite yet.

Looking summery

Anyway, if Finland does go tropical, I hope our little twins won’t mind a bit of summer weather… we just need to keep them in the shade when we go out. Sunscreen isn’t recommended for under 3-year-olds because of the chemicals in it.

I’m typing this on the balcony right now. The little ones are napping, tired from playing and walking; eager baby steps where the leg rises high, one hand is free and the other hand uses the wall as support. Face lit with a proud and slightly mischievous smile.

Take pleasure in small things, like children do. I hope you enjoy your day!

51 responses to “Bring The Tropics To Me

  1. What a lovely day! We too are enjoying lovely warm sunny weather here in the UK at the moment. It’s so unpredictable though that I am never confident it will continue! I am jealous of your swim!! I am longing to go swimming outside in the sun, but will have to wait for our holidays for that 🙂 I hope today is another good day for you!

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  2. Ahh, I’m sooooo happy for you! This sounds like just the perfect day for you and it was a long time coming. See how relative it all is! For some tropical temperatures mean murder, while for you up north it’s paradise. And you were swimming too! Yesterday I was swimming in the sea for the first time this year as well. I don’t know what’s the official temperature. I’m looking now: today it’s 25 degrees C, but yesterday must have been less since I needed a few deep breaths to adjust. But it felt great. I wish you many more days like this. ❤ And I can just see your babes, growing up, doing it all, slowly but surely.

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  3. A lovely post full of highlights that characterise the magic of everyday life. Considering the rainy days we normally have in summer, the weather has been promising, really. Hopefully it continues through the summer. Enjoy the sun and those precious moments with your twin babies! 😊🌸🌿☀️

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  4. Oh, this summer has brought the happiest versions of ourselves this year! Helsinki looks even alluring, with those shady terraces and colorful trams!
    I totally loved your story of what you can pack into a free day 🙂 How much you start appreciating it when the time is scarce, hehe. I turned back to biking too. I do city bike now.
    And the old lady with her life lessons – priceless! Was she Finnish, btw? or did she get tropical in this weather?))

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    • Yes, she was Finnish but had lived abroad (had a house in France) 😊 Is it warm in Oslo, too? Today it was very warm here, and there was no wind at all. The air stood still. For me: beyond excellent! For my babies: I’m not sure if it’s a bit too much. Well, it won’t last for long so there’s no point in worrying! 😎☀️🙌

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      • That explains a lot 😆😆
        Oslo has been hot for weeks even. We froze in Croatia in comparison to it here 🤣 but there is wind, and it’s nice and not cold as it can be. There is forest fire danger in Norway. It hasn’t happened here for 50 years. So this summer is exceptionally warm but it’s kinda scary (thinking of the global climate change).

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  5. Hi Snow. I was talking to my friend in Helsinki few weeks ago and she told the same thing – that it’s such a long summer there this year. It can only delight most Finns. 20+ temperatures at night is indeed tropical! I really miss that even though the daytime temperatures in average reaches 25 degrees here in summer. I haven’t been to outdoor pool this summer yet. I tried once in spring when they had already opened (unusual) the outdoor pool, but the air was too cold for me. Nice to read about your life updates. Gave me an idea for a blog post hehe. I hope the warm weather stays for longer!

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    • Looking forward to your post!! 🤗😎 Usually people complain about warm weather here, but I’ve been in my own bubble lately so I’ve luckily missed listening to these remarks! 😄 Winter lovers…


  6. So, this year summer is everywhere!! Happy to read that it reached Helsinki too! It must be great to enjoy some heat up there, right? When I was living in Sweden, I only wore shorts one day (in two years)… and, oh boy, that day I was soooo happy!!! Then I moved to Ireland, with its rainy summers, and my shorts and dresses were again something just for holidays in Spain…
    Now I’m really surprised with Switzerland weather! It is super hot in summer… and that means a lot of outdoor living! BBQ at the lake followed by a swim are the best plans in Zurich!! And if it gets too hot, I can always go up in the mountains (this weekend I was in Zermatt… the day I visited the glaciers the temperature was 9º!)

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    • I can relate to your Swedish and Irish memories! My closet is like a museum, filled with so many nice summer dresses that I never get to wear… how nice it is to wear an actual dress after such a long time!!! The small pleasures in life are the best ones! 😊
      9C in the summer seems a bit too cold for me! I’m not much of a mountain person!! But Switzerland sounds good: a place with many options as to what to do outdoors!


  7. Finland is so beautiful this time of year! Good to see you are still doing your blog. I visited my blog for the first time in over a year today. Ops, hopefully I will feel inspired to pick it up again. Thought I would say hi anyway! 🙂

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    • Hi there! Happy you stopped by to say hi! Blogging is so very much a thing of inspiration – no point in it if you don’t feel inspired! My blog lost its direction a bit since my lifestyle has changed quite a bit during the past couple of years and it’s not really a travel blog anymore… or even photo blog. I don’t know what it is about, actually! 🤣But I stopped stressing about doing everything so professionally, since it’s just a hobby, and try to go with the flow. How’s life in the States – was it Seattle you moved to? 🙂 This year we’ve had much warmer and sunnier weather than we’ve had in many, many years – a completely different kind of summer than the rainy, gloomy ones we’ve had and which you probably saw, too! How are your kids? Take care!

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