Krakow, Part 2: Jagiellonian Botanical Garden

On our second day in Krakow, in a search for some serenity, we visited the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1783.

Since I don’t have a backyard or garden at home, I always love visiting gardens and parks when I travel.

This garden was just an easy walk away from the touristy crowds of Stare Miasto, Old Town. No tourist groups here – in fact, in addition to us and some employees, we only saw a handful of people.

It was a warm day and this was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours outdoors. Actually, I think this little visit took up half of our day, before we had to head towards the airport. Time well spent!

Searching for orchids…

47 responses to “Krakow, Part 2: Jagiellonian Botanical Garden

  1. ‘Since I don’t have a backyard or garden at home, I always love visiting gardens and parks when I travel.’
    Same case here, though I have a kitchen garden and some untidy patches of greenery at home. Simply LOVED the orchids.
    Thanks for the relaxing greenery!

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  2. Ohhh, so many fun sightings in the first gallery! Hi time and hi sailor and hi squirrel! 😀 Not to mention that door! ❤ And many pretty orchids too. It seems you had at least a few hours of nice weather, just in time for this visit. Excellent!

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    • Yep, we were wondering whether to go, if it might start raining when we got there… but luckily we did go! Those hi sailor labels were funny 😀 I also liked the nescafe machine in the middle of greenery 🤣And that door… that greenhouse looked old!

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  3. Enjoyed the read and the images. Botanical gardens all over the world are wonderful places to visit – usually nearly devoid of people, always interesting, quiet, restful and beautiful places. Have a great day.

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  4. I have a garden at home but always visit parks and gardens when I travel, since those are usually quiet places. I also enjoy exploring plants from other regions and getting ideas for my own garden. Great photos Snow! I really enjoyed this post!

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  5. Beautiful photos!!! I love botanical gardens… If I can, I always include them when I visit a city!! And they are such a wonderful place to hide from the crowds or find some color during the grey winters!!! I was a bit obsessed with the Bergianska trädgården in Stockholm (it is actually part of the Stockholm University, where I studied) and the National Botanic Gardens of Dublin (I loved to go there on rainy days during summer and photograph the flowers with droplets, hehehe)… And here in Zurich they are also a nice place to warm up a bit during a cold winter walk in the city 😛
    Do you have botanical gardens in Helsinki? I was there a few years ago, but I went with one of those cruises from Stockholm, so I only had time to explore a bit the city center, hehehe

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    • There’s one in the center… it’s okay, but not enormous or very bountiful. I’ve actually been meaning to revisit it but I’m not sure if the twins’ double stroller will be easy to bring along. There’s also a “winter garden” in Helsinki – a glasshouse – also rather centrally located. It’s small but nice.
      In Zurich we visited the Chinese garden. It was pretty but I was disappointed at how tiny it was (with an entrance fee!). But the park right outside the garden was pretty and well worth seeing! 🙂
      Thanks Mercedes for your comment!


  6. What a beautiful experience! I’ve been to Krakow a few times (I’m Polish-American) but never explored the botanical garden – and I didn’t know it was that historic. I visited a botanical garden in Lublin when I was in Poland, and just like this one it was nearly empty and made for a great relaxing afternoon.

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