Krakow, Part 1: Quick Storm

A short storm and some kind of cozy-looking festival packed with locals, especially kids.

Kids everywhere, reminding me of the two I left at home with their grandmother. They had a nice time, I was assured.

The kids in Krakow were all dressed so nicely, better than their parents if I’m being honest: girls in princess dresses (how can you beat that?) and boys in neat shirts and pants.

Pretzels. Mountain bikes. Balloons. Instagram posers.

There was a green park called Planty circling the Old Town and we cut through it whenever we could. Delightful flowers and peaceful space. Pigeons hiding from the rain. Nuns, groups of school kids, students. Parents pushing strollers and suddenly, a dozen more of them, obviously coming from some event.

That was a piece of ordinary life, just the thing I had hoped to see.

27 responses to “Krakow, Part 1: Quick Storm

  1. I found Krakow a deligthful mid-European city. Very near till on par with the wonders of Prague and Vienna (and Salzburg!), (the inner city of) Bratislava, and (some parts of) Budapest. The fact it was not destroyed during WW2 does help somewhat 🙂 Those cities have a strangely relaxed atmosphere, like time is abundant and why rush to another Jugendstil coffeehouse when there are plenty to choose from anyway. I’m looking forward to your next post on Krakau!

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  2. Snow, my favourite storyteller, the most realistic photographer,this time you have not only captured magic with your lens , but a slice of life as you intended to.
    Looking forward to more such amazing Krakow posts

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  3. Nice selection of photos. I particularly like the one with the three banners in front of the tree that swirls up as though it’s part of the storm cloud behind it.

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