T-Shirt Poem

Some texts spotted on t-shirts walking around Krakow… put them in a random order and it’s almost poetic!

Make me happy

Nothing to do, nowhere to go

Future is now

Sunday fun day

A little bit dramatic

Girls just wanna have funds

Don’t look back


Run and fun

Krakow, Poland 2018

Ps. Which photo do you prefer?

83 responses to “T-Shirt Poem

  1. Hats off to the people who wore the T-shirts and Kudos to you for compiling and sharing!
    As for the photo,I like the second one
    The smiling minion adds a truly nice vibe!
    (PS– hope you are not encountering any touts in Krakow!)

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  2. I prefer the second one since the person gives perspective and life. Did you erase her or take two photos? πŸ˜€

    I love the most this trio: Girls just wanna have funds / Don’t look back / Anywhen

    “Don’t look back” would make me look. I always read words on shirts. In Italy, nobody does. I’m thinking about wearing my “Shut up bitch” shirt to Pearl Jam on Tuesday. πŸ˜€

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  3. I like the second pictures best because of it’s colours and a little more space for the moped and overall. I also like the figure in the picture, but unfortunately she (?) is walking out of the frame. But still – the second pic is my favorite.

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  4. Fun shirt poem, Snow! I like both photos for different reasons…#1 for the balloons reaching up and into the photo, gets your eye moving around, and #2 seems to go with the poem best because it has people in it, maybe walking into a shop to buy πŸ™‚

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  5. I do like the first image πŸ˜„
    Why? The sense of nowhere it inspires! No signs, no people, no distance: Krakow could ne everywhere in the world 😁😊
    Happy Sunday πŸ’•

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    • That’s true, it’s a very generic scene! Well put, ”sense of nowhere”. Quite everyday, if not for the balloons. I also like the sense of nowhere and the balloons look a bit absurd with no people.


  6. I’m with you on the ‘boring’ first photo. I like the emptiness which makes the balloons ‘pop’ for me. I guess if the minion was visible in the photo that would be great (although I barely know what minions are). In the second photo, the couple (yes there are two people) distracted me.

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    • The two people do look like they just walked into the middle of a photographic scene, uninvited, and are hurrying off. The first one looks more finished to me, more planned (though both are split-second snaps). I agree that the emptiness enphasizes the balloons! Thanks for your thoughts!

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  7. A playful poem Snow.
    I like the first shot. Like you, if I can take a picture without people in the background I will. I think it gives less distraction to the photo and makes you concentrate on just the surroundings you capture. Xx

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  8. My favourite is definitely “anywhen”! I love made-up words. It’s easier to do it in English than in French!

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  9. I like both pictures but slightly prefer the first, although I do like the minion in the second. However, I feel that the person walking away is a bit of a distraction. Maybe if we had eye contact? As for the tees, I’m intrigued by “anywhen!” Cool post!

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  10. What a fun idea with the poem made of t-shirt texts! Many of them are interesting hehe. I like the colors on the second one, but overall I prefer the first one. The first one gives the vibes of a cozy little street corner while the person on it spoils that vibe for me on the second one. I love your eye for photos! πŸ™‚

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  12. I love “Girls just want to have funds.” I am a friend of Amanda’s and I’m going to publish an interview about Friendly Friday Challenge next week. I wanted to let you know because with your permission, I want use your post as a link in my interview where you are mentioned.

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