Rainforest in Zurich

When hubby and I traveled to Zurich a couple of years ago, we certainly never expected to be transported to the tropics.

But just before we had to leave for the airport, we found an unexpected oasis – a slice of rainforest where the air was humid and hot. With live animals and an inspiring canopy path. It was the Masoala Rainforest at the Zurich Zoo.

Captured with GoPro’s fisheye

Bonus picture: not from the zoo, but from a street in Zurich – isn’t beauty usually unexpected?

For WPC: Unlikely

53 responses to “Rainforest in Zurich

  1. Switzerland is indeed full of beautiful treasures and surprises .. Thanks for those beautiful pictures 🙂 we ll travel there this summer, can’t wait ! hope all is fine for you and your lovely fam, all the best from Vietnam

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  2. Love this post~ Beautiful shots! I’m sorry I missed that green green green haven in Zurich during my short stay in 2016…another reason to visit again, right? Seeking palm trees forever, always 🙂

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    • Hahah, yes you are so right, seeking palms forever applies to me too! We had no idea we would find this greenhouse at the zoo and almost didn’t enter. When we did, what a pleasant surprise! It even smelled like the tropics!!!! Made me want to travel… Thanks for your thoughts! 😊

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  3. I do like tropical plants in unexpected places. When I lived in Washington State, I planted a tropical garden and I loved how different it was from most other garden. Also fun to see palm trees with smow on them!

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  5. I’ve never been to the Zurich Zoo yet but….. Maybe I pay it a visit after seeing your photos! hehehe. Is it worth it?
    I love the wisteria hanging on those balconies…. Zurich is one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen during spring and summer, with flowers all around! (it is not that I live here now…. or that I’m seriously in love with this city, hahahaa). I hope I find soon some free time to wander around the city and take some photos! This year I’ve been so focused on the mountains that I feel I forgot about Zurich, hehehe.
    Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

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    • A lot to explore, isn’t there?! Mountains and all. Lake Zurich was very pretty, I thought, with flower arrangements in the spring!
      I can’t remember much about the zoo, except this greenhouse which I thought was definitely worth the visit alone! Wait, I think this is the place we saw orangutans in relatively small ”prison cells”, it looked very sad because they looked so human and they apprared to be bored and depressed… 😳


      • wow, maybe now I’m not so looking forward to visiting the zoo….. I mean, I like to go to those where the animals look healthy and happy and have a lot of space to run or behave more or less like wild animals… but that thing about small cages…. uuugh!! If you ever come to Zurich again, there is this “free zoo” (like a small natural reserve) Sihlwald, with wild animals from Switzerland… it’s nicer, as they are in the mountain 🙂

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  6. Zurich can be a surprise, it seems. I have spent there only one night, flying from Bcn to Oslo – and then we had a long night to wait so went out to party in Zurich. If I had photos from that time (8 years ago) that would be nice for Unlikely challenge 😆😆

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