Modern Fairytale

There once was a little girl who wore her heart on her sleeve…

She lived in a castle…

Each night, she would kiss her pet polar bear goodnight…

Right after blowing bubbles into the sunset…

If she could ride on top of one of those bubbles, like Aladdin’s magic carpet…

…where would it take her?

What twists and turns did life have in store for her yet?

Only time would tell…

In the meantime, her bubbles reflected all the colors of the sunset.

41 replies on “Modern Fairytale”

Oh this is a short and sweet and light read, thanks Snow. So wonderful to read something like this and with such pretty pictures too. I’m drinking an iced-cold teh tarik (tea with sweet milk) right now on a 35 degree celcius afternoon here in Singapore and this post is making me feel light and cool like spring does to people. 🙂

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Thanks for the sweet words, Amor 😊 Sounds lovely, I’d love to visit Singapore one day! Right now the weather has been nice for a whole week over here, pretty uncommon (of course winter lovers’ defintion of ”nice” will differ from mine! I’m a summer person!)… right now there’s sunshine, no wind like we usually have, and about 25C which is a lot for Nordic spring! And iced tea would be nice 🤗 I’m drinking a small espresso, my 11 month old twins just fell asleep for their first nap! Phew! 😁


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