Photos From a Spring Walk

Some unedited iPhone shots from Helsinki, Finland – the Kaivopuisto park on a very windy day in April 2018

How rare that the wind was so warm that day. Fierce, but gentle. It reminded me of summer. The blue of the sky reminded me of summer, too.

The park-destroying geese had arrived, I saw, from whatever warm place their winter destination was. There they sat, in large numbers on the rocks by the sea. Large seagulls circled in the air, crying out with what have become familiar sounds of summer.

Ice cream stands had opened. One was crowded with customers and another one completely deserted. Some people were wearing t-shirts and shorts already, while others were still covering up in winter gear. (Guess which type I am?)

The street Huvilakatu (“villa street”), in a posh area of Helsinki

The sun was out. It makes such a difference. Light, finally!

Yellow is here. The other colors will come, in their time.

59 responses to “Photos From a Spring Walk

    • Over here it’s grey and foggy right now! I can barely see the street opposite us from the window! Blue skies aren’t a daily thing here either… hopefully this time we’ll get a beautiful summer though, fingers crossed! Wish the same thing for you! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for reminding me why I want to come back!

    The ice cream kiosk by Carusel was always crowded. The other one not so much. And I think there was one between these two that never saw any customers. Loved going down there for walks.

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  2. I too associate yellow with spring and summer. This post reminded me of the field of yellow dandelions we saw in Zurich one spring. That picture never left my mind. But hey why hate the geese? Hahaha! Nice post, Snow 🙂

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    • Thanks, Amor, for reading and sharing your thoughts again! 🙂 Yellow is such a sunny color! …As for the geese, they arrived here about 5 years ago and changed the scenery, the parks aren’t good for picnics anymore, full of geese “surprises”. And they make the shallow waters stink. And they are very aggressive! 🙄🤣


  3. Unedited iPhone photos rule!!!
    Funny how you chose pictures almost deprived of human beings, creating a very particular atmosphere! Nature and deserted streets…
    The clouds and chilly wind are back in Brittany after this wonderful summery week-end. What is it like for you?

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    • This is a windy town, since it’s by the Baltic sea, so it’s almost always windy. Usually the wind is cold, too, so it was a nice surprise that it was suddenly so warm! 🙂 Yay! Today, it’s completely foggy and grey! Supposed to rain…
      I don’t like to post photos of people, unless they are unrecognizable. The reason: because I don’t like it when people do that to me. It’s like we suddenly have no privacy any longer. But I know most people don’t mind being photographed by strangers, this is just my opinion! 🙂 (The photo in the post with the couple standing there is as far as I will go, and even that gave me a bit of a bad conscience!) 🤣
      Thanks, Veronique dear for stopping by!

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  4. Tu vois, je travaille sur moi! Je n’ai pas pris de photo de ma tasse de café. Je ne suis pas allée sur Instagram. J’ai décidé d’apprécier le moment, tout simplement… Je t’ai imaginé à ta table avec ton café, tout en créant dans mon esprit ta maison, ton intérieur, ce que tu voyais par ta fenêtre… De mon côté, j’ai fini ma tasse, j’ai éteint France Inter et je suis montée ranger les piles de linge propre qui s’entassait!… Bonne journée.

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    • ❤️Merci, Véronique! C’est trop sympa que tu m’as imaginé chez moi… Pour te donner un peu plus d’info, j’ai pris 4 Nespressos (!) quand les bébés sont finalement s’endormis. J’en ai besoin! 🤭(J’aime mon Nespresso!!) Et toi? Tu vis dans une maison belle, avec un jardin propre, et beaucoup des fleurs, et tu prends ton cappuccino en dehors, non??? 🙂 J’aimerais bien être là! 🌺xxx


      • J’ai commencé à prendre quelques photos de mes coins préférés de la maison… Je ferai un montage et ce sera l’occasion d’écrire un post! Demain matin, je ne prendrai pas mon café du matin à la maison : c’est mercredi, le jour de marché à Roscoff! Avec un peu de chance, ce sera un café en terrasse. Je croise les doigts!

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  5. Loving the blue & yellow in all those pictures. 🙂 Here in Switzerland we are in full green mode! We had an incredible warm weekend, I got to lay on the grass under the sun – so good… (I’m guessing we’ll soon be having some weird Spring weather with lots of crazy rain, but until then we enjoy the sunny days.)
    It’s funny you mentioned some people were wearing t-shirts and shorts already, because here when it’s still a bit too cold and you see people doing that – they’re either tourist from England or the Nordic countries. 😁

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    • Heheh! I remember when I lived in France, British people never had winter coats and I was in a down jacket! They just went around in a flimsy buttoned shirt like it wasn’t even winter! 😂Wish I could be like that – I’m always freezing cold!
      Hope your good weather continues! 🙂


  6. There is nothing quite like getting out on a good walk in the spring, especially when able to take your camera and see everything come to life. The air is crisp and then there are those blue skies…wonderful shots.

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  7. It looks definitely spring-ly! and I know how people interpret it as a summer already :)) I am also the one who is still wearing layers, jackets, sometimes missing my wool coat :))
    My friend returned from Helsinki recently and said that she preferred Norway. Even the climate here. How come? She was unlucky with cold wind and humidity, reminding her of Estonia which she knows well. But it is not windy all the time, is it?

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  8. Returned home from Shanghai yesterday. Still chilly in the morning but Oslo has definitely got the spring mood. The sun, the blue sky, children hopping on the trampoline, all the snow which covered the grass in the garden for months is now gone. Gorgeous, isn’t it 😊

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