Memories That Could Have Been

My mind wandered off to all the faraway places suggested in my last post’s comments, guesses for the places my five travel photos were from.

Places that I didn’t even know were on my bucket list suddenly appeared there (and I thought I had already emptied the bucket).

Why – Iceland, Cuba, the Kalahari – yes, I certainly could have gone to all of those places, gladly. I can see myself there now, dancing salsa in Havana, wearing a white dress against my tanned body, feeling the soft night breeze on my face, feeling like I don’t have a worry in the world.

And I can see myself in South Africa, too – after a successful wildlife safari from a hot air balloon, a local guide would have driven me in a jeep to the Kalahari glacier (looking just like it does on Google Images)… I actually did have a friend who was always inviting me to Cape Town and to their beach house somewhere on the coast (with sharks!) but I never found the perfect moment to go. (In my mind, I traveled there several times.)

Ecuador apparently sounded like a place I could have been to, and I agree. Maybe if I had taken a different turn somewhere in life, made a very small decision differently, it would have spiraled off to another direction, leading to yet another decision and then another… maybe I would have ended up in Bogotá or Rio de Janeiro. Another friend used to tell me, when I was younger, that one day, somehow, I’d end up in Rio (because I dreamt of it back then.) I don’t know yet if she was right.

Someone in my comments suggested Canada. I would have liked to have gone to Canada, having met so many Québécois along the way in France, with their French accents that I couldn’t ever understand a word of (after 12 years of studying French!)

But, these are places I’ve never been to. The correct answers to the guessing game are in the slideshow:

Thank you all so much for playing with me! I loved it!

On another note, blogging has made me create a new list of places I’d like to travel to. Places I barely knew existed before reading about them in other blogs. So far, the list only exists in my head, but let me jot down a few…

Piran, Slovenia – because it looks beautiful
Siena, Italy – same reason
Holbox, Mexico – paradise beach!
The Keukenhof Gardens, Holland – flowers!!
Rovinj, Croatia – salsa festival
Annecy, France – because I lived in France for a while but never heard of this place

St Petersburg (only 300 km away) has also been on my to-do list forever. But the visa requirements make me feel lazy, and the visa-free options make me feel suspicious. Montpellier has been on my mind (a re-visit), but the flights from here are insanely priced. And a beach holiday is way overdue. Still quite a while before we can teach the babies to snorkel, but I’m looking forward to it! (Right now, they’re learning to eat!)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

51 responses to “Memories That Could Have Been

  1. Love to you too and hope to see you in Piran or/and Siena one day (or anywhere else)! I was sure one of them was Uruguay (1st or 3rd) and I thought the airport is from Stockholm for some reason. 😀 And the last one I thought was either Italy or France. 😀 😀 Not very good at this game…

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  2. I haven’t traveled enough to have even made educated guesses on the last post, but I love seeing the answers. And like you with commenters, your photos have made me want to add some new places to my list. 🙂

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  3. I’m French and switch to English when speaking with French-Canadians.

    About Rio, I knew since I was about six or seven I’d end up in Finland. When they read us stories of the forest in school. And I’m a city person at heart. Who loves the beach. A few months before ending up in Finland I knew for sure I was going. Point being, you could very well end up in Rio, yet. 😀

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  4. Love the lluvia of love. With true actual rain. Annecy is pretty. It’s been very much restored. Don’t worry about the Québecois: when they speak among themselves I can’t understand either. 😉

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  5. Wiii, I got one of five! Not bad!
    And oh, all those ideas that the guesses propose, I can imagine how they make your head dizzy and dreamy again 🙂
    I am happy at having infected you by the Croatia longing 🙂 Festival in Rovinj is still there! Hope, when your babies learn to stand on their feet, they can be there too, swaying to the salsa rhythms :)))

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