Let Your Mind Travel…

Another post inspired by Marina at She suggested a guessing game with photos… I’m at a stage where I feel like experimenting with new things on my blog, so why not?

Hmm, how to do this? I decided to recycle some photos from my older posts. Those of you who have followed my blogging journey from the beginning will have seen these already, but many of you probably haven’t. They didn’t attract a lot of attention when they were published because I was a new blogger back then without many readers at all.

So, can you guess where these five photos were taken?

I would love it if you took a wild guess (or an educated guess) and then explained the reasoning behind it!

Of course, you could always do an image search but where’s the fun in that? This isn’t homework that you must complete. Who cares if you’re right or wrong! So maybe put away your google fingers for this one and just guess with your eyes and heart. Give your fingertips a well-deserved rest, and do some yoga for the mind… let it wander…






If the last photo seems too hard (to me, it does!), let me tell you that it was featured on Monday Mystery Photo over at Amanda’s blog Something to Ponder About a while ago, and I was stunned when someone guessed correctly straight away!

By the way, do have a look at Amanda’s blog too, her Monday Mysteries are legendary!

I’m looking forward to your guesses and explanations – I hope you have a minute in your busy day to play with me!

I’ll tell you the answers in my next post later this week.

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