Ducks And A Dancer

Camera walk yesterday… found some Easter ducks hanging out in icy water…

What are you doing for Easter?

We’re playing follow the leader

We would never play such a silly game!

Pfffh..!! I didn’t want to play with you anyway!

Never mind…

Can you see her? The dancer…

37 responses to “Ducks And A Dancer

  1. I like the way you tell the story with these cute duck photos, funny and light-hearted. So good for a Monday morning read, gave me a laugh..haha. The duck prints are like a map to duck treasure box. 😀

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  2. Your imaginations are vivid aren’t they! I wouldn’t have noticed a dancer on the photo before I read the caption 😀 Sounds like you had a nice walk. The ice seems to be breaking up finally, and the sky is blue! Lovely. I just got back from a long weekend in Bulgaria for Easter break, and enjoyed the real spring and some warm sunshine hehe.

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