Spring Is A Feeling

Helsinki, two days ago

Browsing blogs in my WP feed, I’ve been seeing photos of spring in at least Japan, Southern France, and Cyprus. These spring photos are filled with green life, blossoms, and color. They look lovely.

Here, I guess you could say spring has arrived, too.

But it’s a different kind of spring, more subtle. The untrained eye might mistake it for winter. There’s still snow, now colored brown and black from all the dirt that city life brings. There’s still slippery ice on the pavements where you don’t expect it.

The shady side of the street is full of puddles on top of the icy ground. At least it’s evidence of some melting. The newly revealed ground also reveals “surprises” everywhere left behind by dogs and their owners. (Thanks, guys.)

But the sunny side of the street has tiny birds chirping, blue sky, and sun coming at you from a blindingly low angle. After all this darkness, finally light! Soon there will be more and more light, until the sun doesn’t set all night. I prefer 24h of sunlight to 24h of darkness, that’s for sure!

A sure sign of spring here is when you take out your sunglasses. If you can remember where they are. All of the blossoms won’t usually come until May.

There’s still a while to go, but at least blue has now joined the color scheme of what used to be black-grey-and-white all winter. What a joy it is to see blue sky! We now have four colors on our palette!

This spring isn’t as pretty as those flowery pictures, but the feeling is there, in my chest. The butterflies, the sprinkles of energy. We’ll get there. Better late than never.

PS. How can you tell when spring has officially arrived, can you pinpoint the exact moment? A local newspaper said spring might arrive next week – who decides when it has arrived? I can promise you there won’t be any flowers growing in the snow next week. Do they mean it will stop snowing? I know they only want to sell newspapers with their ridiculous headlines, but it made me think. To me, spring is a feeling, more than anything else. An intuitive feeling that winter has finally ended.

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We finally made it to Helsinki a few days ago and it’s exactly as you described. We had very untrained eyes, and it certainly felt wintry to us. Talk about the colour of snow! It’s definitely different from the snow now in northern Finland where it’s almost the colour of pure icing on the cake. 😊

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I love the way you’ve described the subtle hints of a new season here.

“There’s still a while to go, but at least blue has now joined the color scheme of what used to be black-grey-and-white all winter.”

The newspapers seem to focus on the clocks changing for daylight savings as the signal for the new season. The weather — and the feeling — changes each year, though, and can’t be dictated just by the date.

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It can’t be dictated by the date, can it. We went on daylight saving last week so the newspapers here were talking about something else as a marker for next week. That would’ve been logical though. They probably just made it up 😂 Thanks so much for your lovely comment! 🌻🌸 Hope it’s nice and sunny in your corner of the world?

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What a lovely post again, Snow. I’ve been expecting spring (and different seasons) only since 6 years, so I don’t have much experience. In Finland, it was definitely the blue again and sunglasses. I’d often stare out my window to the blue sky and only to the blue sky and imagine that it was summer already. Here in Poland, to me it’s the chirping of birds in the morning and the days getting longer. Have a nice day!

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So happy to hear you are feeling spring too! We have no sign of any flowers yet, but there’s been a shift in the weather, something has changed: the sun appeared. Over here, that’s a big thing. I’m calling it spring, even if the flowers don’t come until much later! 😊 The days are much lighter now at both ends, and it makes a huge difference to the mood!

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Hehe, I like your tongue-in-cheek sentences most of all. Some would call it winter indeed. 😀 I agree, it’s the state of mind. It’s the howling of my dog in the morning for no good reason. It’s the warmth slowly creeping in (ok, in your case much more slowly). It’s a slow shedding of clothes, and faster shedding of dog hair. He knows: over here spring is cancelled. Summer starts next week.

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Oh, bestia better hurry then! 😋You will have a long summer then. I’m happy you were able to read my cheekiness in between the lines, hehee 😁We just got more snow yesterday evening (mere hours after I posted this)… but today the sun is out again, the streets white. And ice hidden underneath. Melting, freezing, melting…

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I spent so long in a city in which “spring” was merely a concept, a hypothetical season that we knew other people had! I’m so enjoying the wildflowers and greenery here in my first real spring presence (last year was a whirlwind of moving from north to south). I like your take on it, though, because even in the cold and with all the dirty snow, I could always tell by the light and the faint beginnings of bird chirping that spring was lurking somewhere, waiting to arrive for real.

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Yes, Lexi, you do understand so well! Our spring isn’t a pretty one with flowers because we can’t just jump from snow and freezing temperatures to all that, like in milder temperatures. The trees have no leaves and it takes time for winter to retire. 1-2 months later the blooms come all at once and I get pollen allergy 😄Then a week after that it’s suddenly green everywhere and summer. The 1-2 months in between are more about the sunlight… and people dressing in spring clothes! Enjoy your first real spring: you’ve deserved it!!! 💕Hope you post photos, too?

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For me it’s when the trees start to bud and the daffodils start to bloom. Here in the UK the clocks have just gone forward so the evenings are lighter too… we’re getting there! Lovely post

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Spring is here when you can put on a lighter jacket and you can leave your windows open until the end of the afternoon. In my childhood memory, it would usually happen in the last week of March. I would come home after school, rush to my bedroom to open the window, and leave it until after dinner time when I would take a deep breath of spring air before shutting it back for the night. We are mid April… they say it’s for next week…

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That sounds lovely, I can imagine it. I remember how thrilled I was to see warmed-up terraces of restaurants in Paris, where you could sit outdoors in December and where the nights started to feel summery early on in the spring. Over here, it can still snow in May. But some people leave their windows open even in the winter, crazy Finns 😄 I’m always very cold!


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