Secret Language

-Again! Aaah, those grown-ups are so needy and touchy-feely! All the time, they keep wanting to hold me!

-I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like saying to them, please try to cope on your own for a few minutes!

-I wish they’d at least try to be quick. I have things to do, people! Crawling and playing don’t get done by themselves!

-Exactly! I’m constantly comforting them too. These big people need hugs all the time!

-And what’s up with all this changing of clothes? Mom really seems to like playing dress-up. As if a little spit-up, drool and food on my shirt really were that bad!

-Tell me about it! And all the interesting corners and remote controls are forbidden, what are they trying to hide? Did you see how I was snatched up by Dad just a moment ago?

-He probably wanted a hug! I gave them a few baby giggles this morning and they both completely freaked out! Just like they do when you say “Mom”!

-Oh, those two are so easy to please! Sweet little simpletons!

-Hey wait, did I hear someone shaking the milk bottles? Should we tell them we’re hungry?

-I’m not really hungry yet, but okay! On my count: three, two, one…


Inspired by my beloved little sweethearts. The photo is of a random mess of toys chucked on a chair while cleaning.

29 responses to “Secret Language

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  2. Hehhe, excellent mind-reading! They are doing exactly that, just not with so many words, they go straight mind to mind. πŸ™‚ Imagine – they will never be lonely or feeling lost, because they will keep answering each other’s questions silently.

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  3. Loved it! I didn’t realize how much I needed those hugs between tantrums to make my life easier- as they get older I can’t carry them around anymore or hug them while they are in the shopping cart (when they weren’t climbing out if it). πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much for reading and leaving your thoughts! πŸ˜€ Baby hugs are the best, aren’t they?! With twins though, the hardest thing is that I can’t hold them at the same time (maybe when they’re older??) and if both are crying I have to choose one to pick up which is impossible or try to just console both without holding them! Luckily they haven’t really had any tantrums yet, they are happy campers! πŸ™‚

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