37 responses to “Winter Sunset

  1. Beautiful sunsets thank you. As an expert on snow can I ask your advice? If you are going to a meeting or to a restaurant would you suggest wearing thick socks and snow boots and then taking indoor shoes in a bag to change into? Would I then just leave the boots near where I had hung my coat. As I’ve only experienced Finnish summer before it’s all new to me! Sorry for the silly questions x

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    • Not a silly question at all! That’s exactly what many women do! Formal meeting: yes. Informal: you can, but it’s not necessary. Restaurant: if it’s just dinner then most people wouldn’t bother. But if it’s an event or party (or award gala 😄), or you plan to stay there all night drinking away, then yes you can definitely do that. You can leave them in a bag next to your coat. Some nightclubby restaurants have cloakrooms where it’s obligatory to leave your coat, and they cost a few euros but they’ll be safely guarded. In that case, you can also leave your bag there and just take a smaller purse with you.
      Sometimes certain types of boots are in fashion so you’ll see women wearing them in these places, too. 😊

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  2. Awwww!! Serenity in a frame, Snow. The muffled cosiness of snow covered ground and the squeaky crunch of soft snow under the boot i miss it so much!!! Thanks for posting and Happy New Year to you.

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