Car Craziness

I used to collect car photos. Whenever I passed an interesting one in the streets of Helsinki, I snapped a picture. Some pictures were of too poor quality to post here, being quick iPhone shots while walking by. (Maybe I should learn to stop walking while taking pictures, that might help.)

Looking at these pics, it seems as if the cool cars only come out in the summer. Or maybe it’s me!

…These aren’t the only cars on my blog – for a couple of cuties see here, and here, and for a confused car, look here!

62 replies on “Car Craziness”

Yeah, I love your cars! Except that poor 2CV! 😮 I used to go out with a guy who was CRAZY about Citroen cars, and this is not an exaggeration. He only talked about cars when he talked. He gifted me some car parts in plaster in a frame! For real! If he saw your second photo, he’d surely cry. But then there comes the one with he daisy. ❤ Apart from that one, my favourite is the first. Oh yes, I can see myself driving such a car…

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Oh wow, that is maybe a little too much car talk! Your ex-date, I mean! 🙂 Though I felt like crying about the vandalized car, too, poor little thing!
Over here there are sometimes unofficial car gatherings in the summer and you can see a line of dozens of cool cars driving slowly through town. Fun to watch!

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Totally understand, cars can be pieces of art! I’ve got a thing for old Soviet bangers, that included stopping at every Volga I saw in Tbilisi and accidentally trespassing into somebody’s property for the sake of the carcass of an old, green Zapo in Murghab, Tajikistan. The guy didn’t seem to mind though!

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Reminds me of my first few days in Helsinki, when a friend showed me around, introduced me to his group of friends, and they suggested the car show by Kauppatori. No wonder my image of Finland is men p****** against walls, and the Leningrad Cowboys. 😂

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I’ve never had a car! It’s because I’ve been moving around and didn’t need one. Also, in Helsinki, everyone uses public transport and it’s normal to not own a car (although many do, of course.) Cars + taxes + insurance are very expensive over here! But… with our twin babies we’ve recently been thinking about getting one… so cars have been on my mind! 🙂 It probably won’t be as adorable as yours was, hehee!

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That is fascinating. Never had a car. Hmmm. Fact is, when I got married, and we moved to Paris, we did not have a car. To complicated to park. We rented one on week-ends if we wanted to go somewhere. Of course with kids it becomes another issue. 🙂 How are the twins?

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Oh, I used to do the same! Luckily Norwegians love veteran cars. And then I happened to be in Trondheim while a veteran car meeting. Oh, happiness without limits! I made a looot of pictures and flooded Facebook with them 🙂

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