Surprise Dolphins

The Bosphorus Strait, June 2012

The Bosphorus has been calling me for a while now.

Not to visit, but to present in images!

It surprised me. Who knew that there were dolphins in the middle of Istanbul? I need to emphasize, not just any old city, but Istanbul. It’s as chaotic, dirty, and loud as they come. And dolphins… they seem to me like the exact opposite.

On a touristic boat ride, I quickly learned how to spot some of the dolphins: by watching the birds. Whenever there was a large flock somewhere, soon enough you’d see dolphins jumping – both were after fish, I assume.

My lens wasn’t good enough to capture them clearly, but the rest of the scenery wasn’t bad either. Look at that turquoise water!

Get out your magnifying glasses! Can you spot the dolphins?
The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in the background

32 replies on “Surprise Dolphins”

No no, I’ve not yet seen a dolphin in the Slovenian sea, but I did it once or twice in Croatia and Greece. And I saw whales too from the Greek ferry and a lovely sword fish jumped up high out of the sea just in front of our boat once near Šibenik in Croatia. This summer I learned that they have dolphin spotting team in Piran and several migrating dolphins that sometimes come over. They know them by names. Alas, that time nobody was around.

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Thanks, Pooja! I keep drifting towards sunny photos in my archives because I miss summer too! Maybe you can travel to Istanbul from Poland? …Though actually Manja just said in her comment that there are dolphins in Piran (Slovenia) and I’d rather see them there next time! ❤

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Thanks for commenting! This trip was years ago, as were all of my travels on this blog. And Istanbul wasn’t a favorite of mine, though it had been highly anticipated. But… on the bright side, the Bosphorus was turquoise, it was sunny there, and the food was good 😊

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you got me all nostalgic now! I’ve been to Istanbul ages ago (which is a shame, as it’s a neighboring country), and I remember I loved it, as chaotic and loud and magnificent as it is… didn’t know there were dolphins though… such great sunny photos for the start of January ♥ just what we need!! 🙂

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Too bad you didn’t see any! My friend told me about them just before the cruise but she actually didn’t see any either – she sat inside shielded from the sun while I went outside and got a good lookout spot. It was crowded outside but being alone made it easier to fit. I saw dolphins several times 🙂 If I hadn’t known about them, maybe I wouldn’t have paid attention!

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