Washed Away

“Where I would have been with a different plan
Like the tide upon the sand
It washed away from me
Opportunities to where I stand

Sometimes I feel so empty handed
We’re not the only ones
Who will understand me

It’s such a sacrifice inside 
Somebody clear these stormy skies 
It’s such a sacrifice inside
Somebody clear these stormy skies

We’ll never ever loose sight of our goals
Won’t let go
And even tough were a little bit older
The truth is colder

Got to work… got to make that money
I hope it’s something
Cause were not the only ones
Who can make this happen”

Extract from the song Sacrifice by The Expendables

4 responses to “Washed Away

  1. at first I thought you wrote these words…
    just started playing this song and it has a cool start and beat – not what I was expecting…
    and I really like it a lot….

    Liked by 1 person

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