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        • 😀 Good – for the Finnish part 😉 And as for Samana, I got paid to spend a few days lounging about in a resort and its stretch of beach back when I worked as cabin crew. Don’t know if I’d travel that far to spend time in a resort myself, as a paying customer, coz honestly you can get the same experience somewhere closer. The resort was pretty much all we saw… apart from a long bumpy ride there and a quick pop into the nearest village… How are you celebrating NYE?

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          • Thank you. Know what you mean. Resorts are interesting for some people, for sure. I think some people I know in Finland go, especially in Asia, and I always wonder if the places they go to are full of other likeminded Finns. 🤣 Would be funny if we had friends / acquaintances in common. Finland being so small, I wouldn’t be surprised. This has happened to me a lot over there. My friends in England were friends with a Finnish girl, and her name popped up on another friend’s profile some years later. When I was in Helsinki.

            Meeting up with some friends and then we’ll just play it by ear. How about you?

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