Black and White: Day 1

The talented blogger and door specialist Manja invited me to join her in a 7 day black and white challenge. I have seen several versions of a similar challenge around, and like a Chinese whisper, the rules keep changing. Which I am going to exploit to my liking!

I’m calling this one Manja’s challenge and the rules I received were simple: Post black and white photos of your life, one per day. No humans, no explanations.

I’ve read between the lines that you are supposed to post a fresh photo from the same day but this is where I’m bending the rules. With my two baby boys, I don’t have enough time to take and edit and post a photo each day. So I am using pictures from my archives – but they are recent photos and they do represent things I’ve seen lately somewhere in Helsinki or at home. I’m finishing off all the posts as drafts right now and I’ll just publish a new one each day. (I could have also done this without telling you!)

If you want to, anyone is welcome to join in! Drop me a link in the comments and I’ll check out your posts!

So… no explanations!

Day 1

21 replies on “Black and White: Day 1”

Hihi, off to fun start! Thank you for your kind words and for calling this Manja’s challenge, even though I have nothing to do with it, the only thing I did is remove one rule, namely you are the only one I nominated by name, even though I was supposed to invite somebody new every day.

Anyway, I’m really glad you’re doing it and I hope so are you! They look very sleepy but also fresh. 😀

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