Behind Those Closed Shutters

Time to indulge in my little addiction again: those weekly photo challenges. The theme for this week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post is Windows. Interesting topic!

I have a couple of photos that would’ve fit the theme perfectly but I’ve already posted them before. One of them is actually one of my all-time favorite travel photos: I’ve named it Sunrise at an airport. That would be Honolulu airport, to be more precise. We caught the most beautiful sunrise just before we had to board our plane to leave – how bittersweet. The sunrise is framed by an empty waiting lounge.

The other one is from a hotel room window in Buenos Aires. You know the feeling when you’re looking out a window, and what you see seems almost at arm’s reach – yet also very far away? I often get that feeling when traveling.

So for this week’s challenge I chose this window from the Topkapi Palace which was a highlight to my visit to Istanbul some years ago.

I wrote about my visit in a post I titled On Belonging, and also used up my best photos there, so have a look if you have time!

The photo isn’t framed well, it’s just a quick snap by walking by. But what caught my eye was the idea of those shutters. What or who used to belong behind them? When would they open?

19 replies on “Behind Those Closed Shutters”

I love windows and doors: they hold so much potential, for excitement, for revealing secrets, for entry into a completely different world. I just read “On Belonging”; I can imagine the ladies of the harem leaning out those windows, wistfully dreaming of the world outside.

Thank you for transporting us to a different time & place.

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Thank you for your kind comment and for reading the post! 😊 That’s exactly what I’ve been picturing in my mind. Were the ladies happy or sad, priviledged or trapped… if I had more spare time, I’d love to dive into some history books to read more about this time and place. Which is a great feeling to get when traveling or viewing photos

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