Lovely Santorini

Some more Santorini – because why not?

Ultramarine blue is one of my favorite colors. Besides many of the buildings’ doors and windows, the sea was that shade. Though you can’t tell from the photos, in real life it was such an amazingly bright hue.

Absolutely soothing.

– Photos from 2006 –

32 responses to “Lovely Santorini

  1. Oh… it brings back memories. It’s absolutely beautiful there. The contrast between the blues and whites is amazing. I was there at the end of August around ten years ago and it was scorching. The seafood they have there is also amazing since I love seafood. It’s a pretty touristic place but the locals were very friendly and welcoming. What a great place to visit!

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    • We were there at around the same time then! I only visited for a day, since I was staying in Crete, but Santorini was beautiful. Touristy, yes, but so are all most places worth seeing. I had lunch there too, can’t remember the food but it was a restaurant terrace with an amazing sea view and I was practically the only guest for some reason! Thanks for commenting and happy to have brought back memories 😊


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