Photo from a past summer (click to view larger)

There are ferries – cruise ships actually – between Stockholm and Helsinki, giving you two nights on board the ship and one day at your destination. It can be a nice way to spend a summer weekend. This photo is from one such day.

34 responses to “Stockholm

  1. How long does it take to reach Stockholm from you? I have a love-and-hate with it, actually, with one inhabitant. In another life I live there instead of Tuscany.

    Hm…………………. 😀 Everything happens just right, they say…

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    • I think you chose the right life 😊 By plane, it’s 45-60 minutes HEL-STO. By cruise ship, a bit slower… the ships leave at around 6 pm and arrive at 9 am if I remember right… plus there’s a 1h time difference. Anyway, 14 hours or so

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  2. I am going on Viking Line next week! Definitely slow, and even slower once you have done it as much as I have in the past two years! Haha But quite cheap, though, and if the weather is nice you can always spend your time sunning yourself on the sun deck. And the archipelagos are pretty amazing. I will be hoping for gorgeous weather because then I will be on that sundeck taking photos! ☺️

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  3. I’ve never been to Stockholm, but it’s on the list. I’ve visited the other Scandinavian capitals, but don’t actually know a whole lot about the Swedish city. Any favourite parts?

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  4. I regret not taking this cruise when I was living in Finland 🙂 I only managed to do Helsinki-Tallinn and it was very enjoyable especially because it was much shorter. 🙂 I hear that HEL-STO cruise is full of wasted people.. or maybe that’s just the case with young people? I would certainly not enjoy being completely drunk while on the sea hehe.

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    • The Stockholm boat does have its share of people who just want to get drunk! But it’s become a bit more tame over the years and it’s a big boat, there are places where you can just sit and relax, too. Watch the sunset on the deck, etc. And there are more and more tourists and tour groups on the boats, too, which I like. Especially on Silja. I think the Viking one is a bit more about drinking, but that’s maybe just my interpretation! The Estonia boat is definitely a place to see drunk people!!! But it’s a convenient way to travel to Tallinn, too 😊

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  5. Like Pooja, I took the boat from Stockholm to Talliinn, and I did have quite a few drunks outside my cabin door at 3 am in the mornign, gigglig and chatting! But I still enjoyed the overnight cruise on Silja very much. It was a great way to see a bit more of the Baltic from the sea. I especially liked cruising out through the archipelago as evening approached. Maybe the Stockholm Finnish route another time.

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