View Over Barcelona

Continuing with the theme I started a couple of posts ago: a trip to Portugal and Spain in 2011. 

We had an amazing view from our hotel window in Barcelona – it was actually the reason we chose that specific hotel. After having spent my twenties staying at the most modest hostels during all my travels, sleeping on the floor or in shared rooms with strangers (and pickpockets), queueing to shared bathrooms which inevitably had broken, cold showers, I’m so happy that these days, the competition that various booking apps have brought along with them have made nice hotels like this affordable.

Nowadays, a decade and a half after my hostel days, I’m definitely more into comfort – relaxing is part of the travel experience for me. I’ve noticed that being relaxed and comfortable also make me more receptive to enjoying my new surroundings. So I don’t feel like it’s a waste of money to pay a couple of euros more and get a good night’s sleep in a comfy room! I guess you could say I’ve evolved as a traveler, or my traveling style has evolved. This would be both the result of easier price comparison and my growing experience (okay, by experience I mean age!).

How has your travel style evolved over the years? Have you noticed any changes in your choices?

(This trip was in 2011 and since then, my photography has also evolved, after I purchased a better camera in 2012. My apologies for the photo quality in this post!)


23 responses to “View Over Barcelona

  1. I find a constant evolution in my way of living, travelling, photography. Life would not be fun without learning and unlearning things, isn’t it? Camping to luxury, my husband and I are open to it all. Only luxury makes the experience of travelling a bit more pampered, so the joys of it are not to be denied 😉

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  2. Oh I’m with you TSMS. I used to sleep just about anywhere when I was young. Now I’m willing to pay for a bit of comfort. Having a comfortable and private place to return to each day makes a huge difference. We loved Barcelona, and are lucky enough to have a long-time friend who lives there so had all the comforts of home.

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  3. I go back and forth depending on the destination, the prices, and how I’m feeling that trip! I often say that I’m happiest in either a tent or a 5-star hotel and that all that middle stuff is what inevitably causes disappointment! Now that AirBnB is a thing, I’ve had to rethink all of my accommodations options, which is mostly a good thing.

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  4. The buildings and the aerial photography reminds me of the buildings in Kuwait as I am living mostly in upper floors.
    Oh if you must know, the most important change in my travelling lifestyle now is how to make the travel easy for the toddler—-and that changes everything! :-))))

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  5. No apologies needed, the views are impressive! Great choice of a hotel then!
    I’m still into hostels, shared bathrooms, sleeping on floors sometimes… But I also love the exchange, when possible, hosting and be hosted. The day I have a true home other than my backpack, I’ll be happy to organize a real home exchange too!
    Happy trips!

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  6. The worst hotel room we ever had was a very long time ago in Amsterdam. It was really small, triangular, had green tiles ad was stuffy and hot. We opened the window and a wall heater would come on. It would only stop when we closed the window. It was a vicious cycle, but I have very fond memories of this particular trip.
    The one thing I really need anywhere though is, the ability to make a cup of coffee in the morning! ☕️

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    • A triangular room! Interesting..! Your experience reminds me of somewhere I’ve been, can’t remember where (maybe Amsterdam even?)… I’ve also had a stuffy hotel room which heated up when you opened the window… Normally I’m always cold but the heat was too much even for me.
      And I agree about the coffee!! 😊

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  7. What excellent views! These days I have no interest in flights with layovers if there’s a direct flight to choose from. No matter if it’s more expensive! I also have no interest in taking flights that leave at 7 am but I have to admit that sometimes I can’t avoid those. In a way I’m fussy about hotels but then on the other hand I’m not. Actually, when I was younger, I would have never stayed in a hostel (the problem with growing up with gorgeous hotels in Asia) – the idea horrified me! But these days I wouldn’t mind so much as long as the place where I stay is located centrally and there’s your own private bathroom. I have to admit that I haven’t stayed in many hostels in my life, once in Istanbul for a week and then a few times in Denmark. Last year I did try to look for a hostel in London but they cost as much as hotels, so I forgot about that idea!

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    • They do seem to cost as much as hotels these days! We’ve managed to find some really nice hotels for total bargain prices through booking websites, ie in Bariloche (Argentina) we even had a private
      jacuzzi in our room!! And deal on the room was very good. Asia does have gorgeous hotels at good rates, so true!
      We have flown with transfer flights lately if it’s to another continent but in Europe I try to avoid it because it just takes all day, and choose a direct flight instead, though it costs a bit more.

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