Barcelona Streets

Hubby and I did a little tour one summer, traveling by plane, train and ferry. Our itinerary was Helsinki-Lisbon-Guincho-Lisbon-Madrid-Barcelona-Stockholm-Helsinki.

The most memorable part of the trip for me was taking the night train from Lisbon to Madrid. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was actually very comfortable – considering you’re sleeping on a train.

The best part was waking up to new scenery outside the window on a bright sunny day and then having breakfast in the restaurant compartment. Breakfast was included in the ticket’s price, so again, my expectations were low. But it was lovely!

The restaurant compartment was neat and I’d even say it was almost a bit fancy – for a train – with elegant white table cloths and all. We were served by a friendly man dressed like a butler and the food was fresh and delicious. Best of all, the coffee was perfect!

Before boarding the night train in Lisbon

The photos in this post are from Barcelona, however. Having visited Barcelona several times, it’s still a city that I can’t get a grip on – I remember certain areas but it’s huge and each time I’ve visited, I’ve only stayed a few days.

The Gothic architecture, as well as Gaudí obviously, are a big draw for me. Not to mention the tapas, sunny weather, and affordable shopping! I’m not a huge shopper when I travel, but sometimes I just can’t resist. Mostly I just love walking around aimlessly. Luckily hubby isn’t opposed to moving around on foot.

Some Barcelona shots

More photos from this trip coming up in the next few posts!


41 responses to “Barcelona Streets

  1. Sounds like a lovely tour of the places I somehow completely missed so far. I’m glad for your lovely night train experience. I can still smell our annual night ride from Ljubljana to Ploće in Croatia for 15 years or so. Looking forward to your next posts.

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  2. I’ve only taken one night train and that was from Prague to Ljubljana (interesting given the comment above from MMM!). I loved it! I slept well, and we enjoyed a drink and snack in the restaurant car the night before. Your itinerary sounds so fun; I’m always envious of you Europeans who can make loops like this and cover multiple countries!

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    • Hahah, what is it about Ljubljana and night trains?! 😉 I might need to try it! I slept so well on the train, too! As for Europeans, I’m jealous of them too – you know, in Finland we say we’re going to Europe when we go beyond the Scandinavian countries – central and southern Europe don’t seem to us like they’re very close! But I know what you mean! We’re closer than you guys,
      at least, hehee 😉 (It’s only a 3h flight to Paris so it’s not that far away – but if you want to travel to Montpellier for example, it’ll either take you 10 hours or cost you around 800 euros because there aren’t any direct connections)

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  3. I love night trains! I took my first from Katowice to Budapest and it was so easy to sleep! Mine, unfortunately, did not have a full breakfast, just a mass produced muffin 😦

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  4. Going back to Barcelona this summer, this time with my godson and his mother instead of as a summer camp leader, I’ll have more time to dive into its beauties and remember why I loved it so much the first time I got there. Can’t wait to see more of your shots and get in the mood! 😉

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  5. The one day I spent in Barcelona between trains was rainy and grey. Even so, I managed to enjoy myself wandering around the streets and booking a stormy weather catamaran ride. Have you read any books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon? Most of his books are set in Barcelona and are really quite evocative.

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  6. Somehow, I always enjoy train trips, however long they may be. And with perfect coffee and changing sceneries—I wouldn’t ask for anything more.
    Looks like you had a wonderful train journey too. 🙂

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  8. Barcelona had some awesome things (Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, beach..) but for some reason I didn’t warm to the city 😦 Btw, I’ve once taken a night train from Helsinki to Lapland and it was one of the worst trips I’ve ever had. The cabin which we had was super smelly (with a bright orange sink) and you had to go out to the corridor to find an even smellier bathroom. I hope they’ve improved the trains since then..

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    • Hahah – the train! Have you noticed that public toilets in Helsinki in general are a lot less cleaner than abroad, though otherwise this is such a tidy country? I’m not surprised about the train, luxury isn’t something they think about over here. And as for Barcelona, it’s not one of my favorite cities, either. I’m more of a fan of northern Italy and southern France, and what I’ve seen of Greece so far 😊

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  9. I went to Barcelona recently and it blew my mind! Hopefully will be trying the other stops on your tour in the next few years. Overnight trains sound like a great idea as you don’t waste any extra money on hotels to spend a day travelling! There’s a post on my blog about Barcelona and your well travelled comments are appreciated! X

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