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      • I’ve been visiting Finland every year since 2006 and have been over to Tallinn each time but I’ve only been to Stockholm on Silja Line three times, once at Easter and twice in the summer and I’ve been on St. Peter Line once to St. Petersburg. Have you been to many places in England?

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          • It was a few years ago that we travelled on St. Peter Line and we were unimpressed. The ferry is old and facilities on board were poor compared to Silja Line. Passengers couldn’t make their own way from the ferry terminal and have to pay to be dropped off in the centre. We just spent the day there but if we did it again I think we would opt to lengthen our stay with a hotel for an extra night.

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            • Good to know – that’s pretty much what I thought. I’ve been thinking of visiting St Petersburg but would rather go by train and get a visa to be able to do it more freely. But the visas take weeks as I understand and it just seems too complicated in this day and age of being used to getting everything done online in minutes. So, I’m saving it for maybe someday in the future…

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  2. Oh what fun! Was just reading your comments on Susan Hays’ great blog and decided to come looking! Am writing to you from a very wet eastern coast of Australia just south of Sydney, but was well and truly born in Tallinn and still speak and write the language fluently. Thanks you for quite an unusual view of my birth town πŸ™‚ !

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    • Thanks for visiting my blog – and welcome back later again! 😊 Like many Finns, I’ve been to Tallinn heaps of times since it’s so easy to get to from Helsinki: 1-2 h by boat. How fun that you’ve kept up your language! Estonian is very similar to Finnish but still not that easy to understand for us Finns.


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