Through the Jungle

A colleague and I rode through the jungle on a motorized tuktuk, fast, hair flying in the wind. Bugs slamming against our faces, the flight attendant next to me was laughing the whole ride.

We had turned off the main road onto a dirt track with no other vehicles. For a moment, a thought crossed my mind. If the driver decided to not take us to our destination, we would be stuck in the middle of nowhere, lost, eaten by mosquitos.

The road was bumpy and we flew up and down. The old motorbike pulling us seemed to have more horsepower than was possible.

Finally, with a laugh and a sigh, we hopped off at Ao Nang and headed to the beauty salon.

From near Ao Nang in Krabi, Thailand, 2008

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The laughter of your friend reminded me of a few rides I thumbed down in my hitchhiking years during which I couldn’t stop grinning either. To think how I barely ever write about these… Rarely if ever a beauty salon followed, though. 😀


Hmm, we always stayed at the secluded Krabi Sofitel hotel for a week at a time. It was a bit far away from anything else but it was the MOST gorgeous hotel! The area around our hotel was very rural and not very touristy, which was nice in a way (getting away from the crowds). They offered shuttle service to nearby villages like Ao Nang. There were also many beautiful islands nearby. But… I’m really not the right person to give advice on the area, since as a flight attendant we mostly relaxed, having hectic schedules – I didn’t have the energy to explore much. Though I must’ve stayed in Krabi about 4 times. The area is quite large though, so renting a car might be a good idea, but I have no experience! Sorry!

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I can almost picture you, hair flying from the window… 🙂 love how you described your trip… and such an awesome photo, the clouds (or mist) clowling on the top of the mountain… what an exotic destination!! and with your signature palm trees of course 🙂

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