Unexpected Flowers

From the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina’s Patagonia (2014)

An earlier post of mine explains more about what we saw at Perito Moreno – but to summarize: watching ice melt off a glacier is definitely memorable!

Have you seen a glacier somewhere? I know many of you have been to Patagonia.

51 responses to “Unexpected Flowers

  1. Very interesting. I have hiked glaciers in some European countries, including Greenland, and also in New Zealand. I have watched the ice breaking from Vatnajökull, Iceland, and that was indeed breathtaking. But also sad.

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  2. The Patagonia glaciers are gorgeous! Have also seen one near Jasper, Canada, the sad remnants of one near Zell-am-See, Austria, flown over one in New Zealand, and walked on one in Pakistan.

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  3. Wow! That is beautiful. There are some in Europe, have skied on one in Switzerland. Never been to South America – would love to go. Just so far away from us… with small kids it’s too long a flight.

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  4. I think I have a very similar shot! Like Allison, we hiked on Perito Moreno as well as admiring it from this vantage point, and it was a highlight of our time in that part of Patagonia. Thanks for the memory – great pic!

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    • A highlight it was, for sure! So many tourists there, though! I read an article once about someone who took a photo of Perito Moreno on a boat ride (we did a boat ride nearby, too). The person posted a photo online (or maybe in a competition, can’t remember the details) and then found the same photo somewhere else on the web. She called it out for plagiarism but in the end it turned out that the other photo was taken by someone else on the boat, standing right next to her 😊

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  5. No I haven’t! but this post made me think what glory I am missing.
    why do you always lure me into dreaming to see all the places you’ve been you lucky lady!!!😍

    Flowers & glacier, so what more can you ask.

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