My Favorite Sunset

It’s the first day of a brand new year, and I want to start it off with colors, sunshine and beauty. So I’m posting pictures of my favorite sunset of all times.

Hubby and I witnessed this unreal sunset from the second floor balcony of our hotel on Eagle Beach, Aruba, in November 2012.

No editing has been done to these photos but I did use different color profiles on my camera when I took them.Β One or two of them were captured with my old iPhone 4, also resulting in slightly different coloring.

The colors, however, do reflect what we actually saw.

It was a long sunset with an endlessly changing sky, producing the brightest fiery red I’ve ever seen.

Beauty is resilient, persisting through fading sunlight and stormy clouds. Hopefully we can all take something from that to carry into the new year.

63 responses to “My Favorite Sunset

    • These pics are from Aruba, though Finnish sunsets can be nice, too, especially in the summer… the sun doesn’t actually set at all so there’s a certain kind of light all night long. Happy to hear I’ve inspired you to maybe visit! If you do come, you MUST let me know!!! We’ve actually been planning on driving to Norway via Lapland, maybe in the autumn to also see some colorful foliage, but that will probably not happen this year, maybe 2018! And in Norway I’d like to see whales (must check the right season for that) and I’d also like to see the Northern Lights, which I’ve never managed to see yet! Thanks, Juls, for stopping by!! πŸ™‚ Bisous!

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  1. These photos are beautiful. Sunsets are a gift from nature – thanks for sharing. I write poetry which is often inspired by nature and animals. Have just started a blog in case you have time to read. Have a good day πŸ™‚

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