23 responses to “Nighttime Photo Walk

  1. Wow the first pic especially is gorgeous! ❤ I miss Helsinki 🙂 When I first went down to Helsinki from Kokkola where I was studying for 2+ years, I felt like I was in a major,mega, super-globalized part of Finland where people were friendlier and there were more food options. I've some fond memories from the city. Quite boring city itself but special!

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    • Thanks, Pooja! So happy that you left Finland with good memories!!! 😄 As for me, having lived in Helsinki for way too long, I feel like it’s a super small town – and like you said, boring. But at least it’s quite safe here, that’s important too! 😉 Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  2. Yeah! I did my first nighttime photo walk yesterday and have just gone through the photos for the first time – yours are way better! Mine are all yellow and blurry but luckily there are many so I’ll see what I can do with at least some… I especially like your blurry one – the 3rd. It’s full of promises.

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