Overnight Changes

Last spring in Gruyères, Switzerland, the weather changed overnight from green to white again.

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Here in Helsinki, Finland, winter arrived just as abruptly this year. On Tuesday, Nov 1st, it was still autumn when I posted some snowy pictures from 2014. The next day, it started snowing.

Autumn was over, just like that. The pavements are now icy and slippery and my bike is still outdoors in the snow, waiting to be put into winter storage.

I wonder if I could’ve delayed winter’s arrival by not posting those snowy pictures quite yet?! It seems like I brought it on!

Not my bike – this picture’s at least a decade old. But you get the idea. (The photo is mine, though the bikes aren’t!)

23 responses to “Overnight Changes

  1. Hihih, yes! You bring the snow to life! Maybe you should call yourself Sun Always Shines on My Blog 😀 But no, it’s just right this way, snow must be, or you’d never enjoy the opposite as much as you do. 🙂

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  2. I love looking at the overnight transformations!! Like a natural slideshow..
    And that photo of the bikes submerged in snow is totally new to me so yes, I’m delighted to see this post.
    We can’t stop winter anyway, so let’s just took photos Lol

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  3. I’ve been seeing photos of snowy Norway and Latvia on social media since a few days.. Didn’t know you already had snowfall in Helsinki as well! I am glad it hasn’t snowed yet here in Lodz, Poland, especially because I’m learning driving 🙂 But we’ve been seriously lacking Vitamin D since more than a month..

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    • Driving in the winter, yes I totally understand you hope it doesn’t snow yet! It’s super windy here, too, the first winter days always feel sooooo cold!!! After a few months, you get used it it a bit, but the initial shock is the worst!


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