Somewhere On a Street In Paris

Somewhere on a street in Paris a girl is walking. Her day was a normal one, with its ups and downs, and now her thoughts are revolving around the contents of her fridge. She’s going home, eventually. Just a few more stops – at that cute, tiny shop with the winter boots in the window, and that nice store down the street that she hasn’t visited in a while…

It’s getting dark and some businesses are closing whilst others are just opening. There’s a distant sound of a car alarm and someone walks by with a small dog that sniffs at everything. She smiles, remembering the salsa class with a friend the night before, and her mind drifts off to the Picasso museum they plan on visiting soon. Il faut en profiter. This place is full of so many possibilities.

“I really should be taking more photos while I’m here,” her expat friend had said, though neither of them had any plans to leave Paris soon.


23 responses to “Somewhere On a Street In Paris

  1. Were the thoughts of the character in the description yours when living there? 🙂 The photo is fabulous! I visited Paris few years ago in winter, and it was so pretty. Colorful Christmas market was my top highlight. Had never seen such a big Christmas market before and I ended up loving my decision of visiting Paris during winter. 🙂

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    • Thanks! Yes, it was based on my visit though those things probably didn’t happen in exactly that order. But that was what life was like there. Winter is a great time to visit! I’ve never been to that Christmas market you mentioned, though! So much to do, see and experience in that city! Sometimes I miss it. But I don’t miss the bureaucracy! 😊

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  2. So cute! I love this. I am living in Paris right now, from Florida. I know it will not last forever, so this adorably sweet post reminds me to enjoy every moment. Thanks! I just started sharing my experiences through my blog because this city inspires me.

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    • Thanks for such a great comment! You should definitely enjoy the moment!! I left quite spontaneously and always thought I’d have an endless amount of time there. Blogging about Paris sounds good, can’t wait to check out your blog right after I finish typing this! 😊


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