I’m a Local Here

At heart, I’m a nomad. I’m restless, I get bored easily, and I always feel like the grass is greener somewhere else.

This photo is from my local airport, which I guess kind of feels like home to me. I’ve worked there for countless days and hours, for several companies, one after another. I always seem to return there. The ready-to-fly atmosphere draws me in.

Soaking in some sun rays before heading into the terminal (July, 2016)

When I’m not working there, I still go there when I travel. Countless hours have been spent waiting for flights there. Waiting for my baggage (usually they are very quick with bags). Waiting for the bus after work (not quite as quick).

I know the airport inside out, even though it keeps changing, getting renovated, growing. I know where the quickest lines are, where to get food without being ripped off, and I have my own airport routines. I recognize the faces of many of the employees I pass, and I know that many of them are thinking the same things as me.

If that isn’t home, what is?

Just arrived somewhere else! (July, 2016)

40 responses to “I’m a Local Here

  1. Interesting. I see a good number of women (from fb groups) applying to be flight attendants so that can more easily accommodate their lust for travel. But you work in the airport, which is still a link to your love of travel.

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  3. Great take on the theme – and I know a few traveling folks who would have their local airport home style feel too! And loved the second photo of somewhere else – like we took a trip with u!

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  4. I feel very much at home in an airport also. I’ve never worked in one, but I actually enjoy the airport part of my trips, unlike most everyone else I know! Great idea for the theme this week!

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  5. I like your original take on the theme.
    I am loving this theme – local. Everyone’s take on the theme is different, unique, and personal. Thank you for sharing about your part of the world. 🙂

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