Hot Air Balloons Over Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Hot air balloons over a residential area in central Helsinki one summer day, years ago


22 responses to “Hot Air Balloons Over Helsinki

  1. I’ve been in Helsinki and unfortunately I was not lucky to see what you saw. It’s beautiful! Anyway I loved Helsinki a lot! P.S. The picture is wonderful! 🙂

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    • They take off from a park in the center of town next to the seashore (called Kaivopuisto). Maybe from somewhere else, too, but that’s where I’ve seen them. Helsinki doesn’t really have any very tall buildings. As far as I know, the most defining thing is the weather, it has to be a certain temperature and not too windy, rainy or foggy.

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  2. They’re so close! Lovely. 🙂
    Hot air balloons have fascinated me since childhood. Sometimes I’d see them above my house (but very high) in Kathmandu as a child but over the years I saw them less and less on Kathmandu skies. I have to definitely go on one someday 🙂

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