27 responses to “Hot Air Balloons Over Helsinki

  1. I’ve been in Helsinki and unfortunately I was not lucky to see what you saw. It’s beautiful! Anyway I loved Helsinki a lot! P.S. The picture is wonderful! 🙂

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    • They take off from a park in the center of town next to the seashore (called Kaivopuisto). Maybe from somewhere else, too, but that’s where I’ve seen them. Helsinki doesn’t really have any very tall buildings. As far as I know, the most defining thing is the weather, it has to be a certain temperature and not too windy, rainy or foggy.

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  2. They’re so close! Lovely. 🙂
    Hot air balloons have fascinated me since childhood. Sometimes I’d see them above my house (but very high) in Kathmandu as a child but over the years I saw them less and less on Kathmandu skies. I have to definitely go on one someday 🙂

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  3. I used to be so obsessed with seeing them and seeing them take off. Also, because I lived so close and always walked by the shore. Never had any luck. And I wrote about them obsessively on my old blog. Until about last year (took me about seven years). Awesome view. And love your picture.

    Btw, heard they also sometimes take off from the park in Munkkiniemi, but it wouldn’t be the same. Had to be Kaivopuisto.

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    • I know, they just really symbolise summer over here somehow, right?! We used to see them from our window every summer in our old flat 😊 I always dreamed of going on a ride but recently realised I might have a slight fear of heights so I’m not sure..! 😊 Did you ever think of going on one?

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  4. Absolutely! I’d always see them walking down Freda, and realize I was too late. I’m like you, love watching them, but way too scared to go on a ride. I might do it with one or two certain people. But I’m way too scared. Plus, I always seem to be getting this impulse to jump when I’m higher up than three floors, so that’s another reason to give it a rest.

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