The water is inviting but cold – these photos are from a year ago, last October.


30 responses to “Sparkles

  1. I think I’m more fascinated by piers than I am by the scene ahead of it to be honest 😐

    Most piers and jetties are quite old. You can tell a lot about the local micro-culture by their style – the type of construction material and the grafitti.

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  2. Beautiful shots!! The weather here in Sydney is so chanegable at the moment quite cool and cloudy yesterday, but warm and mostly clear skies today. Almost weather for swimming!! I don’t hit the water until we get to over 25Celsius. I would love to dive off that dock!!!

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    • Thanks! The weather over here is funny, too, it’s more sunny now in autumn than it was during summer. I haven’t swum in years, because it’s always too cold! Would love to though, especially when I see a set-up like this… That dock is just so inviting! 🙂

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