Unplanned Boat Ride

Visiting Cinque Terre was great, but the boat ride from Vernazza to Monterosso really was the cherry on top.

Leaving Vernazza

Arriving at Monterosso

Coming up, a more detailed post about Cinque Terre. Stay tuned!

Inspired by The Daily Post’s challenge Cherry on Top


34 responses to “Unplanned Boat Ride

  1. Oh the places you go! 🙂 I LOVE your posts. You transport this Midwestern girl to so many beautiful places I’ve never even heard of! Wonderful pictures! 🙂

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  3. Incredible! Ive been to Cinque Terre many years ago and fell in love with it completely. I heard the coastal path, “pathway of love”, is under construction- did you hear/see anything regarding that?

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    • No, I didn’t hear about this! I have to admit though, that we didn’t do much research, we just showed up, spent a day, and left, basically! Sounds interesting, though! 😍 Thanks for your comments, Karoliina!

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  4. So lovely! I have been dreaming about going to Cinque Terre since a few years now.. I have heard about similar villages in Italy which are less touristy than Cinque Terre.

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    • There’s an endless amount of non-touristy, beautiful villages in Italy… A car would be a great way to see them, but then the traffic is a bit crazy… 😉 Thanks for commenting!


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