Visiting Tallinn, Part Two

Day trip to Tallinn: Striped buildings and decorative doors in the old town

Why don’t we do architecture like this anymore? Is it really that much more expensive? Or have decision-makers just become more boring? Aesthetics have shifted, but not mine.

I like how any kind of travel and new scenery, even just short day trips, can give you such a nice atmosphere kick and give you new perspective. What do you notice about your home town, when you come back and see it with fresh eyes? Does it look different, smaller?

These are the thoughts running through my head as I walk around the sunlit streets of Tallinn.

(Also: “Must take more photos!”)

25 responses to “Visiting Tallinn, Part Two

  1. Ooo, marvellous photos! I love the one with the flag, not to mention all the splendid doors. And you are so right. Now that I’ve been country-hopping back and forth, I see so much more about my birth country. Not only how tiny it is. From the border with Italy to the house of my parents in the middle of Slovenia takes less time than to move between any two points in Roma.

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  2. You get to SEE all that?? I must say, I’m a bit envious of your view! 🙂 Though, you have inspired me to take a walk around town again and post some photos of our buildings here! They’re very different architecture than yours. Mostly early 1900’s mercantile types. 🙂

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  3. If it helps, I also have the feeling that I should have taken more photos. Or different photos. But luckily, when it’s a day trip, it means that it’s close enough to take other photos.

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    • Thanks, Suvi! Have a fun trip!! Hope it’s sunny. I went to Tallinn last week and it rained a bit. Also just came back from rainy Pori Jazz, spent yesterday soaked there with non-stop rain the whole day. Oh well. Things could always be worse. ☀️

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