Blogging Flashback: Argentina Tips and Photos

When I first stared blogging, I concentrated on Argentina and Uruguay themed posts, since I’d rather recently returned from a 7 week trip there. But I didn’t have all of you as followers then yet, so those posts remain, to a great deal, unexplored here on my blog.

I’d like to encourage you to have a look at some old posts of mine if you haven’t done so yet!

  • One of my first posts was called Exploring Buenos Aires. As a blogger, I’ve since evolved to acknowledge short internet attention spans (mine included), and nowadays my posts are much more concise
  • My Iguazú Falls Gallery – the title is self-explanatory
  • The Uruguay photo gallery Afternoon in Uruguay includes pictures from Punta del Este, Montevideo, and Colonia del Sacramento
Muddy river

From my Iguazú gallery

Some early photo posts include:

  • Spot the Second Tail – let’s play a little photo game
  • Urban Natural – beauty meets ugliness in a quiet corner of El Calafate, Patagonia
  • The Docks – ships and seagulls at Ushuaia, also known as“El fin del mundo”
  • We spotted sea lions on a Beagle Channel cruise from Ushuaia – I love seeing wildlife. Sea lions were interesting creatures, how can they live amidst such rough waves? Sea Lions’ Home
  • Smoke Signals on the Horizon is one of my favorite photos from Patagonia. It just looks so colorful, though minimalistic, too

And some travel tips for Ushuaia (short version) and El Calafate + El Chaltén (long version)

So, if you have time to kill or if you’re planning a trip to that region, why don’t you sit down in a comfortable chair, relax, and take a peek at my blogging beginnings. It’s Sunday, after all! What’s the rush?

20 responses to “Blogging Flashback: Argentina Tips and Photos

  1. I love those kind of post when the author makes a selection and a guide for us. (Even though, at least from my experience, not many take it.) I will never forget how you used the guide through my writings that time in my first blog and hopped around and I felt so happy that someone would do that just when I was getting desperate about reading audience. Even though I’ve gone through your entire blog already, I’ll revisit the posts you guide to. And hopefully, one day, Argentina and Uruguay too. I remember Buenos Aires as especially appealing from your photos.

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    • You’re so sweet, MM! You should get a medal for going thru all my posts! I haven’t exactly been sparse with my posting frequency! 🙂 Your two blogs certainly deserve exploring, too! I love looking up recommended links, if I don’t, I feel like I didn’t fully get the author’s point. Though I admit, videos are sometimes hard to watch if you’re somewhere where you can’t use volume… 😟

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  2. food for thought. Im heading there as part of my south america trip in october november. would like to see bariloche AND iguazu but not sure I can fit them both in. Im leaning towards getting down to Bariloche because I want to take the train at Esquel. thanks for this post

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    • We flew from Bariloche to Iguazu but it went via Buenos Aires and was quite expensive. So, depending on how much time you have, you could do both or just relax at one place. There’s so much to see in Argentina. Don’t know which I’d recommend of the two, maybe Bariloche – but not for the town, more the area (the town of Bariloche is very touristy, but if you wander a bit further, the nature’s awesome)


  3. I will definitely take some time this week to go through that list! South America is on my list to visit, and I always like hearing from someone who’s been there about the place. Plus I get the added bonus of your beautiful photographs! 😊

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