A Different View

I tried out hubby’s GoPro camera in Zürich and had some fun with the wide angle (fisheye) mode.

Colors unedited, don’t know why there are faint round lines visible in the blue of the sky

The color version looked good but I think it has more drama in B&W (I like to imagine this is a scene from a Tarantino movie..! I have a wild imagination, I know)

I like how the wide angle gives the viewer a sense of wonder; like the traveler has, looking up and down at the building they see

Unedited except for B&W

A tiny amping up of the colors, otherwise no editing needed – still want to keep the look natural

I added the black and white afterwards, since I like editing as much as taking photos. Actually, come to think of it, editing and choosing the right photos is so much fun, I probably like that phase even more than the actual photographing part!

My most used edit tool is cropping, I’m very particular about framing. Though I try to get it right already when shooting, I do like to make small adjustments afterwards. And of course the horizon must be straight! I always check that during editing. The only exception being fisheye shots like these!

As for GoPro video editing, that’s another story – my patience has been too short to learn it but it’s on my to-do list.

What I was positively surprised about with GoPro was that you can shoot straight towards the sun and the lighting will be pretty okay.

What about you? Have you tried taking photos with GoPro? How much do you fine-tune your photos?

17 responses to “A Different View

  1. I like the most one before last. There is a sense of timelessness. I have never tried out any toys like yours, but for sure I’d love shooting into the sun. The sky has been causing most nightmares when I edit, and the levels! I can’t keep them level, meaning parallel. The perspective is NOT a friend. I must have skipped that class in primary school when we learned about it. Obviously I don’t think about it when shooting, doors, for instance, and when editing it’s too late. I have a system for editing: first cropping (I do it quickly, should probably pay more attention to it), then I start from the bottom using my basic Windows photo editor (don’t even know its name, and it’s in my language so bear with me): first “shader” (?) to the left (it makes bright spots darker), then “shadows” to the right (it makes dark spots lighter), then “contrast” to the right (not all the way to keep it natural), then “brightness” (left or right, usually not much change here). In colours I only reduce blue tones since they always seem to be winning. And yes, somewhere in between I level the horizon too. Sister asked me: But if there are more lines, which one do you choose for levelling? I thought about it hard but then decided that nothing beats the sea. Eccolo, this is what you get when you ask me stuff. 😉

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    • Hahah – I agree that nothing beats the sea! Great response, grazie 🙂 I have trouble sometimes deciding which line to follow when straightening – it should be the middle ones, I think, but sometimes it just looks wrong. A lot of my shots are of quick moments so I just snap, and need to adjust later. But ideally, I would have time to carefully plan a photo. I need to make more time for planned photo shoots! 🙂

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  2. Nice ones! I tried to borrow my daughter’s GoPro but I was useless with it. It was too difficult not seeing the photo afterwards except on your phone. My daughter has taken some great underwater shots with it though.

    I am also very particular about cropping and straight horizons 😛 I always notice a wonky one on other people’s photos, I guess it has become a bit of an obsession, LOL!

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    • I know what you mean, I’m obsessed with straight horizons, too! Oh, I’d love to try GoPro underwater! Unfortunately, we don’t have any beach holidays planned this year due to work, SIGH…

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  3. I am new to editing. I have gone decades making everything right when I take the shots. I also take multiples in case I get something wrong (like not level). I have now recovered some of my older photos with cropping and leveling and I like the results. I have no GoPro experience whatsoever. I do almost all of my shooting with my Canon 67mm zoom lens 18-135mm. It is so versatile.

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    • Sounds like you take care to get it right. That’s the direction I would like to take, to learn to plan more carefully and take time to get it right. And obviously develop my technique. My usual camera is an Olympus E-PM1 Mini, which is designed for beginning enthusiasts, like myself (though I’ve been taking photos for years, I still am somewhat of a beginner). It’s also convenient to carry around because it’s small, great for someone who mostly takes photos while traveling. But eventually, I’d like to get more serious about my photography. Thanks for commenting, always so interesting to hear how other people do these things. Always open for tips!


  4. That’s a nice way to photograph and see a city from a different angle! 🙂 I never had the opportunity to use a GoPro, it’s funny because when I hear about it I immediately think of video (I don’t see it as a camera for photos at all).
    For me editing is part of the creative process. I like to adjust exposure, contrast & color in post-processing.


    • GoPro is mainly for videos, true. What I didn’t realize before was how much space videos take on your computer afterwards, I can’t save them all, only the best ones. If I started doing more videos, I’d have to get extra space from somewhere – a cloud maybe. So photos was just easier for now! 🙂 I definitely agree that editing can get very creative. You can create ambiance and imagine a story for a photo – or enhance the one you originally thought of when taking the pic. I also found that colors often look a bit blah on the internet if you don’t amp the up, but there’s always the question of not overdoing it.


  5. Great photos! I too didn’t realize that one can take pictures with a Gopro! I have several cameras, but mainly use my Canon DSLR’s for travel and my iPhone. Straight horizons or lines are great, but sometimes it’s nice to see a different perspective, like your fisheye view! I edit as well, mostly a little cropping and the color if needed.
    Nice post! 😊

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  6. Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing!

    I can’t see the ‘faint round lines’ you mention in the first one, not even when I look at the larger image. But then, my eyes are getting old, and I should probably pay another visit to the optician.

    I’ve never heard of GoPro… a quick search reveals that it appears to be a very popular brand. But that’s unsurprising as I’ve never really been into photography much. I remember in my teens having a cheap camera, and playing with taking shots at all sorts of angles, but I also vividly recall a comment made by one of my friends about a shot of a sunflower I’d taken from the bottom of the plant looking up, an odd angle that appealed to me, telling me ‘how stupid’ that was, and something within me sadly shrivelled and died. I’ve since learnt about art being very subjective, and so don’t take criticism quite so much to heart 🙂

    So, for the longest time, I didn’t even have a camera. A couple of years ago I finally acquired a dumbphone, and I’ve begun toying with taking odd pictures again. I don’t think this gadget has a fisheye mode (though it does have quite a few obscure – to me – settings hidden behind arcane icons, so perhaps that option is lurking in there somewhere).


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