No Churros Today!


More Uruguay photos here

I already had this as a draft, but this fits nicely into the WPC theme this week, so why not link it up!

Hope you have a great weekend with plenty of churros and even some to spare!

…And that was the end of my original post. I had to post this twice because when I published my draft, it had the date of the draft, not todays’ date… Does that ever happen to you?

How annoying – for some reason, it doesn’t happen every time I post a draft, just sometimes. Sometimes I get the right date, which is what keeps me usingΒ drafts.

I had to change the date so you could find it in the Reader, and then (of course) the link to the challenge didn’t work anymore… Normally I’d just delete the post and start over, but now I had linked it to the challenge and couldn’t delete the link.

So now my entry became a Technical Problem (a 404 page). Oh well. At least I have a reason to eat some churros!

(Not really, we don’t have them where I live! But maybe this is a good excuse to open that chocolate ice cream I have in the freezer!)

33 responses to “No Churros Today!

  1. Maybe not exactly related, but once a date gets attached to a post (draft or published) there’s not an easy way in WP to remove that date (and have it “dateless”). But… if you use the free Editorial Calendar plugin, you can drag a draft post from the calendar to Unscheduled, and that will make it “dateless” again. Kind of handy.

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    • Thanks for this tip!!! πŸ™‚ I’ve never added any plugins because I thought they don’t work for the free blogs like mine. But I’ll check it out. Apparently the challenge won’t add my second post’s link at all (or then it’s extremely slow) though the url is different. Sigh. Never mind then!


    • Update: that plugin is for as I suspected (unfortunately). But at least I managed to fix the DP link problem. That’s enough for tonight! πŸ™‚


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    • Oh, I don’t even try to schedule anymore! For me the problem with scheduling was that the drafts just didn’t get published at all! Still, overall I’m very happy with my free blog – it’s free, after all!


  3. Great photo for the challenge! I have never noticed what u described happening. I need to watch the dates more closely. I usually schedule posts and it has worked fine. Twice my whole post disappeared 😭 But then I managed to find the page where all the drafts are…. Lots to learn and problems to overcome! πŸ˜‚

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    • When a draft gets posted with a past date, it looks like it disappears, too. It goes back to where it would’ve been chronologically if you’d posted on the day you started the draft. Oh, the funny little quirks of WP that you learn along the way… πŸ˜‰


    • People won’t see it in the Reader if the date is in the past and no one will even notice the post πŸ™‚ That’s how I originally noticed something was wrong, the first time this happened (I just deleted the post and did a fresh one) It only happens with drafts… and posts scheduled to publish automatically.

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