North Shore, Oahu

North Shore, Oahu (Hawaii) a few years ago.

We took a bus ride across the island to catch some of the Triple Crown of Surfing action on Sunset beach.

Triple Crown of Surfing, 2010

Sunset beach and the Pipeline surf reef break are famous for pro surfing.

A contestant waiting for her turn on Sunset Beach

Those waves would’ve been too fierce for regular swimmers.

The jet ski gives the viewer a sense of proportion – can you see it? The waves were bigger than they look from the shore.

Walking towards the Pipeline, a bit further away from the action on Sunset beach, we saw lots of photographers taking photos of individual surfers. The photographers had their heads and cameras covered with t-shirts and towels because of the heat and the brightness. It was like a paparazzi gathering – on an empty beach.

29 responses to “North Shore, Oahu

  1. Lovely blue hues. ❤ I have never had a chance to watch a pro surfer in action. Looking at the waves of the Adriatic of my homeland, it was rather hard to picture how something easy-going like those could carry a person. No wonder they need to attach sails on their surfboards over there to move at all. 😀

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    • We tried surfing, it was lots of fun. But those North Shore waves were so rough they would be dangerous to most people… Pro surfers are pretty crazy, in my opinion. Though they make it look so simple!

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