Trying on the Weather

Gruyères, Switzerland

I just spent a week in beautiful Switzerland with hubby, where the Alpine weather showed us all its forms. There was snow, there was sleet… it rained, and then it was bright again with warm sunshine.

You could see people in full winter gear with fur-decorated coats, and then you’d see other people stripped down to t-shirts – this would happen on the same street within 10 minutes apart. We only traveled with hand luggage, restricting us to what we had brought, so sometimes I was freezing and sometimes a bit too warm in my woollen spring coat. Is it summer, is it winter? Who knows.

Meanwhile, the sun finally found Helsinki, Finland, and we returned home to calm, blue skies. Though I spent most of today inside an office building, I still appreciate the shift towards sunnier weather. Hope it lasts!

This was my first time in Switzerland and my first impression was that it’s such an easy place to travel in. Everything went so smoothly, trains were on time; I felt safe and quite at home from the start. I don’t speak German but I do speak French – I liked the blending of the two languages. It felt like I was in the heart of Europe.

I’ll do some Switzerland-themed photo posts a bit later on, among my usual stories of past trips. And I have some catching up to do with all the great blogs I follow! Hope you’ve had a fun week!


33 responses to “Trying on the Weather

  1. Yeah! Heart of Europe sounds just right. And also completely opposite to Italy. Looking forward to your future posts since I haven’t been to Switzerland yet either.


    • Those Swiss clocks certainly did their job 😉 The weather has been a bit weird over here in Helsinki, too, which is one reason why I was surprised it was like that in Switzerland, as well! …Ciao!

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  2. Switzerland is fun to travel to. And this time of year is so peculiar. In Paris too, we’re all bundled up in the morning and right now, stripped barefoot and a t-shirt to enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine before it sets. Love it!

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  3. I am looking forward to your posts! I grew up right on the Swiss border. We even spoke a Swiss-German dialect at home. It’s a great place to visit and beautiful all over! I can’t wait to find out where exactly you were! 😀

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  4. I am glad you had a sweet time there! The weather sounds similar to Virginia! At any moment it could hail and then just that quick we are turning on the Air Conditioner…but that is a great photo you shared. Thank you!

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  5. We’ve got some pretty schizophrenic weather happening here, too! Hoping it gets itself straightened out soon. Switzerland is a beautiful country – glad you had a nice time there!

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    • I always try to carry as little as possible! 🙂 Of course sometimes I forget something important, trying to pack light… like my hair brush once! It was Christmas of course and I couldn’t buy a new one cos all the shops were closed… Sigh…

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  6. I can’t remember if I ever visited Switzerland. I did follow the river Rhine to its origin and remember somewhere high up and looking at a little creek. It was the beginning of the Rhine. Was that in Switzerland? It was a beautiful day, but long ago.

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    • I know that feeling so well. There are so many places I’ve visited in the past that I don’t remember the names or details of, in France, Italy and Spain… Feels almost like a dream but I’m pretty sure I was there


    • Thanks! Hope you get the chance to! More articles to come 🙂 And more in my blog’s menus. Have a fun weekend (it’s only Thursday but close enough!)


  7. Sounds like a great getaway! I was in London and the weather was the same – winter one minute and summer the next. The weather was better in Finland I hear 😀

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  8. Oooh yes the Swiss 🙂 The first place we saw snow 😀 Little did we know back then we would be going to a place where it snows for almost 3 months 😛 The photo is so awesome. And glad that the sun found its way to your home land 🙂

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  9. Ahah Swiss trains are definitely on time and they will apologize for a 2 minute delay if it happens – I find it really funny :p
    I’m curious to read which other places you visited. Gruyère was a nice start for sure! Did you go inside the alien museum/bar?
    And indeed, the April weather is crazy…

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